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Volunteer Engagement Leads to “Bench Strength”

In the June, 2012, issue of Harvard Business Review magazine, Marcus Buckingham writes about leadership development.  He quotes an outcome of the 2002 meta-analysis employee engagement study published by Gallup.  It found that the second most powerful driver of employee engagement and turnover was an employee’s answer to the question  “Do I know what is expected of me?”.  That question could be key to volunteer engagement and turnover as well.  Do they know what is expected of them when they assume their volunteer role?  The foundation of their understanding and engagement could be up-to-date position descriptions for your volunteer leader roles.  If they know what is expected before and during their term, they will be more engaged and that could lead to a stronger bench from which to do succession planning. 


Looking for sample positions descriptions for your chapterFor your state council?  We’ve assembled a variety of position descriptions for board/council positions that may be helpful to you as you create and/or enhance your existing inventory.  Let us know if they’ve helped you – feel free to comment on this blog.


Do you have a position description you’d like to share?  Please feel free to send it to us at or contact your Field Services Director.


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