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Air Jordan XV


Michael Finley has enjoyed a nice career for himself over the years, and was lucky nike air max 90 cheap enough to have been recognized for his talent nike air max 247 on sale by Jordan Brand ever since 1992, which may have nike air max 1 uk been one of the things to help skyrocket him to success. cheap nike air max 2011 The story is quite interesting actually, because nike air max cheap Michael won a contest with a local TV station and had nike air max 247 cheap the chance to play nike air max tn cheap a game of one on one nike air max ltd with Jordan himself, discount nike air max 2011 which at the nike air max 2012 for sale end, Jordan said “maybe I’ll see you again in a few years”. Mr. Jordan was right and the rest from there on out is history.This new version of the Air Jordan XV is done up to match the Mavericks jersey that Michael Finley used to play in, and will feature his name and jersey number. It is interesting to note that although these shoes are for Michael Finley, Michael Jordan never actually wore the XV’s in a game.


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