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Beats By Dre Cheap


Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Yu Zhengsheng said, Shanghai City Party Congress report clearly pointed out, to the progressive introduction of property publication system. In the system to cheap dre beats establish a set of complete, convenient masses is supervised approach, is to take charge of their own relatives and staff in the most effective way. Whether the public property of the problem, Yu Zhengsheng said, as long as the central decision, he easily open, " because I do not have much property ". Coincidentally, the same day, Guangdong provincial Party committee secretary Wang Yang in response to the relevant official property declaration question answering said, Guangdong also pilot the official property declaration system, we will continue to explore.

At the party's eighteen major property of public officials, public opinion has become a major focus of attention, and the face of public concern, either Yu Zhengsheng or Wang did not avoid. From two officials can be seen, Shanghai, Guangdong have pilot official property declaration system, and gradually the implementation of property publication system. At this point, Yu Zhengsheng made it very clear -- Shanghai has made it clear to the progressive introduction of property in the open system, and the ocean called the continued exploration has practical impact, for example, not long ago, Guangdong Foshan City Shunde District announced " Shunde area construction of small government and big society comprehensive reform program which states, from beats by dre cheap the next year, where a new promoted cadre of above of secondary division level, all must accept the audit investigation, and open to the public the family property and other information.

The Shanghai, Guangdong, focused on property of public officials, again cheap dr dre beats the officials face the public opinion voice consciousness, also highlights the property of public officials are necessary and important.

At present, our country has carried out the official property declaration system. However, the declaration is an internal report, the lack of effective verification, that some officials to declare the property is often a mere formality. For example, recently dropped Guangdong " real uncle Cai Bin, " as many as 22 properties, in the fall, once to the organization to declare a property, but apparently resort to deceit; " three play is serving cheap beats mayor " thunder Yuanli once confessed, " property declaration and other systems of reporting on important matters, I never implemented. A year after the Spring Festival for registration to receive red packets gift, I just symbolic registration point. In order to hide his bribery, the size of each section, I will to make some small red gift Commission for Discipline inspection. "

As everyone knows, property of public officials called " Sunshine cheap beats by dre Act ", is a universally recognized anti-corruption tool, have been countless countries proved to be "the world's most effective anti-corruption tool ". Do not implement the property of public officials system, there will be more " real uncle" latent, or even unnoticed to the transfer of property to foreign and unknown; do not implement the official public property system, public participation, informed, expression and supervision rights cannot achieve good; do not implement the official public property system, corruption it is difficult to effectively curb, " the most effective anti-corruption tool " will be wasted.


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