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Training and Development 

Approved Colleges has launched a new business services education and assessment platform. The platform is designed to help businesses create and customize employee training portals. Users can track and report all employee training and access online skills assessment tests for screening job applicants. 
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RiseSmart Compass is a new cloud-based career development tool that can help businesses improve worker engagement and performance by allowing employees to explore and define their own paths for professional development. The tool combines a video-based coaching platform with a career road map, which helps employees set career goals and then define the steps for achieving those objectives.
(877) 384-0004 | | has launched a new training tool for companies and teams. Grovo for Teams creates dashboards that help HR departments develop training programs and then track employees’ progress as they learn how to use essential Internet tools and cloud-based software applications.
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Approved Colleges has launched its new business services education and assessment platform. The platform is designed to help businesses create and customize employee training portals. Users can track and report all employee training results and also have access to online skills assessment tests for screening job applicants.
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HireVue has launched a new digital recruiter certification program. This initiative defines, educates and certifies staffing management professionals on the skills and proficiencies they need to recruit and hire the best talent in today’s job market.
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Entelo has launched Recruiter Academy, an online resource for staffing management education and information. The new Web-based academy offers recruiting and sourcing professionals complimentary training courses, on-demand videos and articles written by staffing industry leaders. |

Staffing Industry Analysts has announced that its Contingent Certified Workforce Professional (CCWP) course is now available online. CCWP is an accreditation program that assesses and expands the level of expertise of contingent workforce management professionals. It is geared toward human resource professionals or anyone involved in managing corporate contingent staffing.
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Professional Examination Service has announced the availability of ProExam Test, a new scalable Internet-based testing and credentialing tool. ProExam Test features the ability to deliver tests to mobile devices and tablets, score and report results immediately, and extend a credentialing organization’s brand to testing platforms.
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Everwise has launched new leadership and talent development services. By using a data-driven matching process, Everwise can connect professionals with mentors who can help them succeed at every stage of their career.
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The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation has introduced, an online learning program designed to train relief workers in disaster readiness and response. The web-based program is designed to provide access to affordable, high-quality training tools and support.
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Hewitt has announced the next generation of LEADeR, a suite of assessment tools designed to help HR professionals measure and assess managers’ readiness for leadership roles. The new version of LEADeR includes a web-based, day-in-the-life simulation that enables participants to experience situations they could face as leaders. |

Total Training Network has released its Élan Enterprise Learning Platform, a system designed to help employers develop training programs. The learning platform features easy-to-use reporting tools that can provide measurements and performance reports to ensure that learning programs are meeting individual and organizational objectives.
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Corporate Education Group has unveiled a suite of corporate coaching solutions to help business professionals exceed performance improvement objectives and stimulate personal career growth. The five tools are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet individual and organizational needs.
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PDI Ninth House has unveiled a leadership development tool. TalentSync Road Map for High-Potential Leaders combines best practices and is designed to help business leaders identify and develop high-potential leadership candidates, accelerate their readiness and ease their transition.
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ON24 has announced that its continuing education training sessions are available for viewing on tablets and smartphones. The service works on iOS and Android mobile devices and can help business professionals earn accreditation and certification requirements.
(415) 369-8000 | | is an online career learning community designed for younger adults. Seasoned mentors and member-peers can help guide younger workers and job seekers through realistic strategies to enter the job market and launch meaningful careers.
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The Buller Group has launched The Certified Veteran Recruiter Program, a training course designed to help employers hire veterans of the U.S. armed services. The two-day program focuses on the skills and knowledge recruiters and hiring managers need when recruiting and interviewing veterans.
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SkillSoft Ltd. has developed and released a cloud-based platform called SkillPort 8. This tool is designed to deliver targeted learning opportunities by connecting formal, informal and collaborative training—whenever and wherever people want to learn. SkillPort 8 was developed through interactions with users and discussions with SkillSoft clients. The tool features a user interface that offers training content in a simple, integrated platform. In addition, SkillPort 8 has the flexibility to launch content or modify learning plans from any supported device, including computer tablets and smart phones.
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The International Customer Management Institute has launched its next generation of certification. This accredited certification develops and validates the competency of call center professionals. The certification reflects the challenges of these professionals and cultivates leaders and managers who create and sustain high-performance call centers.
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Lumesse has integrated its web-based learning management system, Lumesse Learning Gateway, with the talent management software package Lumesse ETWeb. Businesses that use Lumesse ETWeb will now be able to offer employees fast and easy access to training and development tools and will be able to deliver personal, relevant learning content quickly and efficiently. With the integration, Lumesse developed ETWeb Exchange, a service-oriented platform that has flexibility in the integration of web-based services. The software integration offers users a single sign-on and a common look and feel designed to make access and navigation simple and intuitive.
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Pragmatic Works has released a program called High-Tech Hope to provide no-cost information technology training. The program was developed to even the current imbalance between the number of available jobs in information technology and the lack of qualified applicants. The program provides online IT training services to underemployed or unemployed individuals. High-Tech Hope will take the most highly committed and capable IT trainees from its online program, place them into an in-person training program and help them gain the skills needed in the IT industry.
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Online e-learning company has launched lyndaEnterprise, a business training tool. This web-based tool provides access to online training videos that can help employees develop new skills, improve existing ones and grow as professionals. Accessible via the Internet, mobile devices and tablets, lyndaEnterprise can provide unlimited access to more than 1,200 video training courses. adds courses every week at no additional cost to subscribers.
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MBA Focus has added real-time video interviewing technology to its recruiting management system just in time to help employers recruit MBA graduates in spring 2012. The Global Focus software tool provides recruiters with a way to schedule, conduct, record, review and share online interviews with colleagues as well as hiring managers. The Global Focus platform connects corporate recruiters to career services professionals and MBA candidates from more than 60 business schools.
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Linkage Inc. has launched The Linkage Leadership Academy, an educational and career development program designed to help businesses and organizations identify and develop talented business leaders. The program prepares high-potential employees for leadership and helps to develop and hone the skills leaders need to produce superior results for their organizations. The academy’s program is based on the High Impact Leadership Model created by leadership expert Warren Bennis and Linkage. The model is the result of in-depth research to identify key skills.
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Trivantis Corp. has developed and released version 6.5 of its e-learning tool, CourseMill Learning Management System. The improved online system is designed to help training administrators, instructors and students achieve their career development goals through custom training. Version 6.5 helps users evaluate, design and manage training programs.
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Magnatag’s new magnetic cross-training whiteboard system organizes and displays employee training, qualification and skill levels for up to 18 categories. When employees see the boards, they are encouraged to learn as many skills as they can. Built for daily use, these durable, magnetic, dry-erase boards are available in four sizes and can accommodate up to 68 employees on a board.
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