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Edward E. Lawler, III, Ph.D., Director


Edward Lawler is Distinguished Professor of Business and Director of the Center for Effective Organizations in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.  He joined USC in 1978 and during 1979, founded and became director of the University's Center for Effective Organizations.  He has consulted with over one hundred organizations on employee involvement, organizational change, and compensation and has been honored as a top contributor to the fields of organizational development, organizational behavior, corporate governance, and human resource management.  The author of over 350 articles and 43 books, his articles have appeared in leading academic journals as well as Fortune, Harvard Business Review and leading newspapers including USA Today and the Financial Times.  His most recent books include Rewarding Excellence (2000), Corporate Boards: New Strategies for Adding Value at the Top (2001), Organizing for High Performance (2001), Treat People Right (2003), Human Resources Business Process Outsourcing (2004), Built to Change (2006), America at Work (2006), and The New American Workplace (2006), Talent:  Making People Your Competitive Advantage (2008), Useful Research: Advancing Theory and Practice (Berrett-Koehler, 2011), and Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness (2011).  For more information, visit and