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SHRM Foundation Research Grants Awarded


2011/ 2010/ 2009/ 2008/ 2007/ 2006/ 2005

Long-Term Impact -view a spreadsheet listing articles and presentations resulting from Foundation-sponsored research since 1996.

2014   Funding Awarded: $215,325  

  • Bridging Communication Gaps in HR by Mapping Constructs and Findings by Frank A. Bosco, Ph.D., Krista L. Uggerslev, Ph.D., Piers Steel, Ph.D., Sven Kepes, Ph.D., Michael A. McDaniel, Ph.D., and N. Sriram, Ph.D.
  • Free-Riding in Global Virtual Teams: An Experimental Study of Antecedents and Strategies to Minimize the Problem by Vas Taras, Ph.D., Tom O'Neill, Ph.D., Piers Steel, Ph.D., and William Tullar, Ph.D.

2013  Total Funding Awarded: $602,093

2012 Total Funding Awarded: $643,593

2011Total Funding Awarded: $408,214

2010Total Funding Awarded:$500,235

2009 Total Funding Awarded: $304,850

2008  Total Funding Awarded:$754,558

2007  Total Funding Awarded: $566,658

2006   Total Funding Awarded:$79,856

2005   Total Funding Awarded:$43,854