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SHRM Foundation Research


Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities:  Strategies for Human Resource Managers Interested in Expanding Integrated Employment Practices

Funded: December 2011  Expected Completion: January 2014

Meredith Weiss, Ph.D. and  Dana Hanson-Baldauf, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) have been largely excluded from the workforce, despite evidence highlighting their positive contributions to the work environment. This study will identify the ways in which individuals with ID are successfully employed in integrated work settings. This includes the identification of jobs held, responsibilities and work tasks, factors that support integrated work practices, and the observed and perceived impact on the for-profit organization.  Semi-structured interviews of supervisors from five small to medium enterprises and five Fortune 500 corporations will be conducted. Findings will be summarized into strategies for human resource managers interested in expanding integrated practices.

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