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2011 SHRM Foundation Scholarship Winners


Congratulations to the following individuals and SHRM chapters who were selected to receive  2011 SHRM Foundation scholarships. Recipients are listed by SHRM geographic region and scholarship awarded.

Name Award
North Central Region  
Michelle Land Harris, PHR Academic
Janet Heldt, SPHR Academic
Celia Jarvis, PHR Academic
Kimberli Mock, SPHR Academic
Judy Aspling  Certification
Elizabeth Anne Christo-Baker  Certification
Cheleane Clerkley  Certification
Jenni Elsbernd  Certification
Cindy Griffin  Certification
Cyndi Hanson  Certification
Sara Harroun  Certification
Yvonne Herman  Certification
Nicole Hink  Certification
Reva Hynes  Certification
Jane Kurylo  Certification
Della Ludwig  Certification
Denise Nelson  Certification
Rita  Noveroske  Certification
Elaine Reinke, PHR Certification
Diane Swenson, SPHR Certification
Shari  Karasek, PHR Sanchez Award
Northeast Region  
Grace Beasley-Matthews, SPHR Academic
Caroline Black, SPHR Academic
Beth Mallak  Academic
Tracy Spargo, PHR Academic
Maureen Behr  Certification
Danna Blum, PHR Certification
Anastasia Branco  Certification
Kiya Brown  Certification
Jaime Corwin  Certification
Donna Cyr, SPHR Certification
Shelley Geisser  Certification
Rachel Herron  Certification
Britt Johnson, PHR Certification
Ella Kiselyuk  Certification
 Long Island  Certification
Tonya Nevling  Certification
Peggy Rishel  Certification
Michele Rocray  Certification
Maryclare Scerbo  Certification
Mary Chinn, PHR Sanchez Award
Mary  Pinto, PHR Sanchez Award
Pacific West Region  
Mathew Barkley, PHR Academic
Shannon Clesceri  Academic
Jacqueline McCallum, SPHR Academic
Elizabeth Rissler Pratt, PHR Academic
Mathew Barkley, PHR Certification
Julia Belliard, GPHR Certification
Paula Brasil  Certification
Chris Brown  Certification
Kendal Callison, GPHR Certification
Jose Mari Corota, GRP Certification
Monica Esquibel-Randazzo  Certification
Marcy Jacobs  Certification
Linda Kyriannis, SPHR Certification
Sandra Majano  Certification
Diane Patterson  Certification
 SHRM of Tulare/Kings County  Certification
Sherry Smiley  Certification
Cindy Tengler, PHR, CCP Certification
Melissa Vigil  Certification
Vivian Yeung  Certification
Cynthia Dobek, IPMA-CP Sanchez Award
Southeast Region  
Jennifer Dobbins, PHR, CSP Academic
Erica Gamble  Academic
Sandra Green, SPHR Academic
Debra Jaillette, SPHR Academic
 Allatoona SHRM  Certification
Adrienne Bennett, PHR Certification
Michelle Bollinger, SPHR Certification
Debbie Boone  Certification
Jennifer Ethridge  Certification
Erica Gamble  Certification
Carisa Graham  Certification
Philip Hoff  Certification
Sherry Lowe-Cooke  Certification
Nan MacGinnis  Certification
Angela Mahoney, PHR Certification
Rebecca Monroe  Certification
Tracy Neeley  Certification
Julie Uno  Certification
Crystal G. Walker, PHR Certification
Alicia  White  Certification
Bradley Wallace, PHR Sanchez Award
Southwest Central Region  
Natalie Amescua, PHR Academic
Melanie Baird-Simmons, SPHR Academic
Kimberley Gordon, SPHR  Academic
Lisa McConnell  Academic
AZSHRM  Certification
Minhas Bhojani, PHR Certification
Jamie Bush  Certification
Melanie Cimafranca, PHR Certification
Shayla Cramer  Certification
Amy Loar  Certification
Emily Miller, PHR Certification
Sharon Nott  Certification
Jamie Payne, PHR Certification
Lori Rohre, PHR Certification
Melanie Sinai  Certification
Jodi Smith  Certification
Rachel Taylor, PHR Certification
Winifred Vetter  Certification
Anna Villa  Certification
Jacqueline  Wilfong  Certification
Jose Mari Corota, GRP Certification
Hassan Ibrahimy  Certification
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