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Sponsorship Opportunities


The SHRM Foundation is seeking partners to shape the future of HR. Partnering with the SHRM Foundation is mutually beneficial – the Foundation receives the support necessary to fund cutting-edge HR research and essential programs to support the HR profession, and a sponsor positions itself as a leader in the HR profession by championing scholarships, awards, educational products, and future focused research.

Sponsorship is available in four areas:

1. Thought Leadership Initiative and Retreat

2. Educational Products

3. Scholarships

4. Special Events

Because the SHRM Foundation has a variety of products, events, and scholarships, we are able to tailor your sponsorship to meet your marketing needs, target audience, and budget. To learn more, contact: 

Ashlee Droscher Smith, M.S., CFRE
Director, Development · 703.535.6291

Thank you current SHRM Foundation sponsors!

1. Thought Leadership Initiative and Retreat
In 2013, the SHRM Foundation introduced its new Thought Leadership Initiative to inform "what's next".  The Foundation has adopted a strategic initiative to shape and enable thought leadership around workforce issues for progressive organizational leaders.

Working with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the SHRM Foundation is conducting a multi-phase program to identify and analyze critical trends likely to impact the workplace in the next 5-10 years. The SHRM Foundation will be publishing products and hosting events around three critical themes:

Theme 1: Evolution of 'Work' and the 'Worker' - launched in 2014

Theme 2: Engaging and Integrating a Global Workforce - launched in 2015

Theme 3: Use of Talent Analytics for Competitive Advantage - to be launched in 2016

Since 1999, the SHRM Foundation's annual Thought Leaders Retreat brings together a select, invitation-only audience of approximately 125 senior level HR executives from leading organizations and prominent researchers in the field.  Participants engage in candid discussions and explore issues shaping the future of the HR profession and their implications for research and practice. This year’s retreat will be in early October in San Antonio, Texas. 

For more information about the Thought Leadership initiative click here, and for more information about the Thought Leaders retreat, click here

Thought Leadership SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: For those interested in connecting themselves with thought leadership and exposure to HR decision-makers, sponsorship is available for each initiative theme, for the themed report, and for thought leader events including our annual Thought Leaders Retreat and Executive Roundtable. 

2. Educational Resources

The SHRM Foundation funds the development of HR education materials that focus on evidence-based, effective HR practices. A wide variety of resources are available for every level of the HR professional. All products are complimentary and available for download via our website.

DVD Series:
Through interviews with top executives, these DVDs present real-world case studies of strategic HR in action. The DVD series focuses on various HR-related strategies successfully implemented by leading organizations with topics ranging from talent management to ethics to workplace flexibility. 

Effective Practice Guideline Reports:  
The Effective Practice Guideline reports (EPG) series provide a concise summary of important research findings in a condensed, easy-to-use format for busy HR professionals.

Executive Briefings:
The executive briefings series make research-based knowledge more accessible to organizational leaders. In 3-5 pages, briefings summarize relevant human capital research and expert opinion to provide a concise overview.

Educational Resources SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Align your company with independent, actionable, evidence based research on a specific workplace topic that connects with your corporate mission. Sponsorships are available for each product type and for a wide variety of topics. Contact us to learn more about our products and to discuss a workplace topic that aligns with your company's mission. 

3. Scholarship sponsorships
The SHRM Foundation supports lifelong learning for HR professionals and students. The SHRM Foundation currently awards more than 100 scholarships annually to further the professional knowledge of current and future HR leaders. Learn more about our scholarships here

Your sponsorship including naming rights and promotional benefits, and short-term support or perpetuity options are available. Current scholarships available for sponsorship:

Professional Certification Scholarships
Support current HR professionals as they earn their professional certifications. 

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships
Students studying for their undergraduate degree can apply for a scholarship to further their academic studies.  

Graduate Academic Scholarships
Graduate students enrolled in a master's degree program with an emphasis in HR or HR-related program can apply for this scholarship. 

Scholarships to attend SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
New in 2015, the SHRM Foundation will offer five scholarships for individuals to join more than 15,000 HR professionals at the foremost HR event in the world. 

Scholarship SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Sponsoring a scholarship connects an individual or company as a supporter of HR learning and development. For most sponsorships, you are invited to name the scholarship and have an opportunity to promote your annual scholarship recipient. Sponsorship options are available, including short term or long term commitments.

4. SHRM Foundation Events

Sponsorship of SHRM Foundation events and activities are unique opportunities for companies to connect with HR professionals who support furthering their profession.

SHRM Foundation Luncheon at SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition
Held yearly during the heart of SHRM's Annual Conference & Exposition, the SHRM Foundation’s luncheon celebrates successes with top supporters, including top donors, SHRM State Council and Chapter leaders, and board members. 

HeadshotLOUNGE at SHRM Volunteer Leaders Summit  

New in 2015, the SHRM Foundation will host a HeadshotLOUNGE during the Volunteer Leaders Summit. The lounge will provide professional headshots for more than 1000 of SHRM's top chapter and state council volunteers from across the country. 

Events SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Build brand awareness and connect with HR professionals and volunteer leaders during these SHRM Foundation events. Connecting yourself with a SHRM Foundation event allows you to show your support of the HR profession while offering an opportunity for interaction with HR leaders within a social setting.

For more information or to secure a sponsorship, contact:

Ashlee Droscher Smith, M.S., CFRE
Director, Development · 703.535.629

(Page updated February 26, 2015)