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SHRM Subsidiary Launches Web Site in India

By Aliah D. Wright  6/24/2009
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A subsidiary of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on June 15, 2009, launched SHRM, a web site whose content will focus on HR issues relevant to India.

The site, at, is the home for Strategic Human Resource Management India Private Limited (SHRMI).

The site “looks at India with increased optimism in terms of what we can achieve there on behalf of the profession and an expansion of our activities, which would include membership recruitment, customized educational programs and high-level research,” said SHRM Vice President of International Programs Brian J. Glade, SPHR, GPHR.

The mission of SHRM India is to leverage the strengths of the professional in the West and in India to share information and advance the human resource profession worldwide.

Neal Goodman, Ph.D., president of Global Dynamics Inc. and a member of SHRM for more than 20 years, perused the site and invited senior HR consultants from his firm in India to do the same. He called the web site “very user-friendly and clean.”

“The new SHRMI web site will be a platform for knowledge exchange and learning, for HR and business practitioners,” promised G. “Ravi” Ravindran, managing director of SHRMI. “It is positioned as a site for and by people who are interested in matters to do with HR, people and organizational development. It will host quality articles, white papers, research material and toolkits, contributed by members, academics and students. It will also be a place for fellow professionals to hang out virtually, paving the way for real-time member forums and global knowledge exchange.”

Glade added, “We’ve got an editor who will be focused on … creating new content developed in India and partnering with other content providers. The site will be more Indian-centric but with strong links back to”

How It Came to Fruition

“We started talking about strategy in October of [2008] and started working on the site in mid-January of [2009],” said Director of E-media and Business Development Chad Houghton, whose department manages and

Houghton said SHRM members worldwide can access the site as they do the U.S. version. Right now, most of the content is U.S.-centric, “because we needed a starting point, but the India team has hired an editor and she will be developing 90 percent India-specific content going forward,” Houghton said. That editor, Rajeshwari Sharma, joined SHRM in early May 2009 from Mint, the online publication of The Wall Street Journal in India.

Houghton said nonmembers will be able to access about 30 percent of the site for a trial period. He called the site a great next step in SHRM’s “overarching strategy to be a global organization.”

Glade concurred. “The web site reinforces our commitment to India and to the HR community by presenting new and India-specific knowledge, building a community of practitioners, promoting SHRM programs, as well as providing a link back to SHRM and our extraordinary resources that we have gathered globally,” he said.

Aliah D. Wright is an online editor/manager for SHRM.

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