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SHRM HR Issues Update

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Politics and the Legislative Agenda

February / March Will Determine Issues for Rest of 2010
SHRM members – like many other Americans – are asking: “What’s Congress going to do next?”  “Will Health Care Reform pass?”  “Is a bipartisan jobs bill possible this year?”  [ More ]

Health Care

Obama Invites Democrats and Republicans to Discuss Health Care – on TV
If you think you heard the popular Black Eyed Peas singing the line “Meet me halfway,” it could have been coming from the White House. More ]

2010 Employment Law & Legislative Conference

An Invitation to SHRM Reception at the Library of Congress
If you’ve always wanted to network with Washington “movers and shakers” in one of the nation’s most impressive landmarks, SHRM can make your wish a reality.  [ More ]

Employment Bill 

Senate Democratic Leader Unveils Job Tax Credit Bill
The number one issue on everyone’s mind on Capitol Hill is JOBS.  The House passed a major $150 billion jobs bill in December 2009, but the Senate has been working on its own version – which many had hoped could be a bipartisan package. [ More ]

National Labor Relations Board

Becker Nomination Defeated in Senate . . . for Now
SHRM usually does not become involved in Presidential nominations, but the nomination of Craig Becker, an associate general counsel to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), has important implications for HR policies and practices.  [ More ]


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