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Member Advocacy

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SHRM’s Government Affairs team has entered year two of its five-year implementation of a member advocacy initiative--the SHRM Advocacy Team, or the “A-Team.”

To support SHRM’s public policy efforts, this program aims to educate and train SHRM members as HR Advocates in all 435 congressional districts by the end of 2014. The team in each district is led by a key contact, called an Advocacy Captain. He or she will be responsible for establishing and building relationships with the federal legislators who represent that district.

States targeted for rollout of the initiative this year include Delaware, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. States where training was conducted in 2010 include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New York, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. Because of its size (53 districts), California is still undergoing a pilot program.

Already this year, SHRM staff specialists have guided almost 300 members through in-state, A-Team training sessions.

For more information about the A-Team, please click HERE. To sign up for the A-Team, please click HERE. To schedule an A-Team outreach session, contact David Lusk, SHRM’s Senior Associate for Member Advocacy, at (703) 535-6158.

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