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SHRM HR Issues Update



Federal Snapshot

Spring Break for Capitol Hill
Every Spring, college students head for Cancún and lawmakers head home to their districts and states.  In the meantime, many issues critical to HR professionals remain unresolved.  Here's a quick "roundup" of what's still pending when Congress returns next week. [More]
Workplace Safety

Workplace Gun Bills Generating Debate in Several States
The debate over guns on workplace property is raging in state legislatures across the South.  Lawmakers in Texas, Florida and Georgia are moving forward with bills that would require employers to allow firearms on company property. [More]
Supreme Court News

SHRM Files Amicus Brief in Age Discrimination Case
On March 29, SHRM and the Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) filed a joint brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in Sprint/United Management Company v. Mendelsohn. [More]
Survey Highlights

We Hear You
SHRM appreciates the nearly 2,000 readers who responded to the survey in our last issue!  [More]
SHRM Governmental Affairs Resources

Get Caught Up! Get Linked Up!
Do you need more information about a particular issue?  Did you miss an edition of HR Issues Update?  Want to access one of SHRM's coalition websites, public policy documents or photos from the Legislative Conference? [More]
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