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SHRM HR Issues Update


Health Care Reform

President Positions Health Care Debate as “Entitlement Reform”  
While Members of Congress were in their home districts for the customary two-week Spring Recess, President Barack Obama delivered what the White House billed as a major speech on the economy at Georgetown University on April 14. [ More ]

In the States 
Numerous State Legislatures Grappling with HR Policy Issues 

While most of the media’s focus has been on legislative developments in Washington, many state legislatures throughout the country have been busy debating issues that are critical for HR professionals[ More ]

Feds Delay Rule Mandating E-Verify for Contractors 

Facing an impending deadline to respond to SHRM’s lawsuit challenging the legality of a new rule that would require all federal contractors to use the E-Verify employment eligibility system, the government has once again delayed the rule’s effective date. [ More ]

SHRM Government Affairs Support

Government Relations Sessions Added to SHRM’s Annual Conference in June  
We know that there were many SHRM members who were unable to attend the 2009 Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC in March.  We also know that there continues to be growing interest in this year’s public policy agenda. [ More ]

SHRM Government Affairs Webcast 

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Being Prepared for New Labor Relations Developments
Workplace Application: This session is designed to give you the latest information on pending public policy activity on labor issues, prepare you to participate in the legislative effort and position you and your organization to strategically respond to enhanced organizing activity from unions.[ More ]

Member Advocacy 

SHRM Member Offers First Hand Account of “Get Out the Vote”
Last month, SHRM member Martin Babinec of Little Falls, New York, found out with it means to “Get Out the Vote.” [ More ]


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