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SHRM HR Issues Update

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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Pulled From the Senate Floor
Last week, the U.S. Senate suspended work on its comprehensive immigration reform bill after several days of debate. An increasing number of concerns had been voiced by both Democrats and Republicans, and a grassroots effort began to emerge opposing the legislation. While President Bush and the bill's sponsors say they hope the Senate will return to the legislation at a later date, prospects for the bill are unclear at this time. [More]
State Initiatives

Gun Rights Proponents Victorious in Kansas
The Kansas Legislature adopted legislation last month that included a 23-word phrase (added late in the debate), stripping employers of the right to decide whether or not to restrict concealed-carry permit holders from storing a firearm in their vehicle on company property. Until this development, SHRM and some employer groups had been successful in helping to defeat or delay similar legislation in 11 other states, all of which would have required employers to allow weapons on company property. [More]
Federal Affairs

Senate to Consider Union Organizing Bill Next Week
The U.S. Senate is scheduled to consider one of the most significant changes to federal labor law in a generation. The Senate is planning to vote on H.R. 800, the Employee Free Choice Act, during the week of June 18 - 22. This landmark legislation would enable unions to sidestep workers' current right to a federally-supervised, private ballot election and, instead, allow unions to collect a majority of signed authorization cards during union organizing drives. [More]

Supreme Court's Ruling Raises Democratic Ire in Congress
In May 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a winning decision for HR professionals in Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. The Court held that employees must file a pay discrimination charge under Title VII within the 180/300 day time period, and emphasized the same arguments that SHRM presented in its "friend of the court" brief. [More]
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