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Workplace Weapons

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No Guns Allowed Beyond This Point

The Kansas Legislature adopted legislation last month that included a 23-word phrase (added late in the debate), stripping employers of the right to decide whether or not to restrict concealed-carry permit holders from storing a firearm in their vehicle on company property. Until this development, SHRM and some employer groups had been successful in helping to defeat or delay similar legislation in 11 other states, all of which would have required employers to allow weapons on company property.

The Kansas bill, H.B. 2528, which became law after the Republican-controlled state legislature overrode a veto by Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D), was originally intended to protect Kansas gun owners from violating local ordinances when traveling from one jurisdiction to another. Prior to its passage, Kansas employers could prohibit their employees from bringing weapons onto their property as long as the employer posted signs to that effect.

The new law does not prevent any public or private employer from "restricting or prohibiting" concealed weapons permit-holders from carrying a concealed weapon "while on the premises of the employer's business . . . except that no employer may prohibit possession of a firearm in a private means of conveyance, even if parked on the employer's premises".

For a copy of an interpretation of the new law from the Office of the Kansas Attorney General, please click HERE. Similar legislation considered in 2007 failed in Utah, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Montana, Nebraska, and California.


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