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SHRM HR Issues Update

Capitol Hill Preview

Congress Returns To Face A Full Fall Agenda
Summer is over. Kids are back at school, employees are back on the job, and Members of Congress are back in Washington after their month-long August break. What's on lawmakers' "to do" list this fall? [More]
Survey Results

What Should the Presidential Debates Address? Health Care and Immigration Reform!
Readers of HR Issues Update ranked "health care reform" and "immigration reform" as the top two HR public policy issues they believe warrant the most attention in an upcoming presidential debate. Rounding out the field were "Family and Medical Leave Policies," along with "Skills Shortage/Workforce Readiness," with "Pay Equity/Executive Compensation" and "Employer-Provided Education Tax Credits" a distant fifth and sixth place finish. [More]
Employment Discrimination

Congress Weighs Adding Gender Identity to Protected Classes
HR professionals know that issues regarding sexual orientation and gender identity can be among the most challenging. This week, a congressional committee took a step toward trying to address these issues in the workplace. [More]
Identity Theft

SHRM Submits Comments on the Use of Social Security Numbers
On September 4, 2007, SHRM submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the private sector's use of Social Security Numbers (SSNs). The Commission requested public comment on the use of SSNs in order to address identity theft awareness, prevention, and detection. [More]
Employment Eligibility

Join SHRM's Webcast on "No-Match" Letters This Tuesday!
On Tuesday, September 11, SHRM's Government Affairs department will host a webcast to discuss the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) new rules on "no-match" letters. This webcast will address:
  • What to do upon receiving a "no-match" letter from the Social Security Administration or written notice from DHS
  • How the new rules will impact your workforce
  • The recent order to temporarily block the implementation of the new rule
  • Upcoming DHS requirements for federal contractors [More]

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