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HR Issues Update

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Washington Wrap

SHRM’s ‘Top 8’ List for 2011

Between now and New Year’s Eve, just about everyone — from late-night comedy show hosts and newspaper editorial boards, to individual families — will be compiling their Top 10 lists for 2011. SHRM’s Government Affairs Team has taken a slightly different approach and compiled its Top 8 list of HR public policy accomplishments for this past year.  [ More ]

Unemployment Benefit and Payroll Tax Cut Extension Remains Tied Up in Knots
The debate over whether and how to extend the payroll tax and unemployment insurance remains unresolved in Washington. As we go to print, it is unclear whether the Democratic-controlled Senate or Republican House will blink first in the final legislative standoff of 2011.  [ More ]

Federal Regulatory Activities Don’t Slow for the Holidays
As employers are getting ready to close the books for 2011 and focus on the New Year, the Obama Administration remains busy crafting a series of workplace regulations that HR professionals and their employers are certain to grapple with in 2012.  [ More ]

In the States

While Stalled in Congress, Immigration Reform is Alive and Well in the States
As Congress remains mired in partisan bickering and presidential election-year politics, chances appear remote for any progress on the immigration reform front in Washington during the 112th Congress. However, if 2011 was any indication, the topic will remain front and center again in many state legislatures next year.  [ More

Workplace Flexibility

When Work Works: Year-End Wrap-Up and a Look Ahead
Throughout 2011, SHRM and the Families and Work Institute’s (FWI) When Work Works initiative, in conjunction with community partners across the country, has been quite active.  [ More ] 

Member Advocacy

SHRM A-Team: 18 Months Old and Growing!
Since its inception and formal announcement to the SHRM membership at the 2010 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition, the SHRM Advocacy Team (A-Team) has made significant strides.  In its first full year in operation, the A-Team’s ever-increasing exposure produced some measurable results in 2011.  [ More ] 

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