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SHRM Federal Regulatory & Judicial Filings

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On a daily basis, SHRM tracks agency rulemakings and submits comments on regulatory issues that affect the human resource (HR) profession. Once an agency solicits comment on a proposed rule, SHRM gathers input from the relevant special expertise panels and SHRM research in order to craft a written response to the proposed rule.
When judicial courts consider issues relevant to the HR community, SHRM analyzes whether to intervene in individual cases by making a judicial filing. SHRM may submit an amicus brief solely on behalf of SHRM or may join with other like-minded organizations. SHRM's briefs focus on informing the court of how the issue before them will affect both the workplace and the HR profession. SHRM typically focuses its legal efforts on the U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit courts, but also considers intervening at the federal district court or state court levels on cases of particular significance to HR.

Below is a comprehensive listing of regulatory and court filings submitted by SHRM over the years on behalf of the profession. Please click on the links provided to view a copy of the filing. 

Regulatory Filings

Judicial Filings 


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 Staff Contact

For information on any of the regulatory or judicial filings listed on this page, please contact Nancy Hammer, Senior Government Affairs Policy Counsel.


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