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HR Certification Institute’s Social Media Engagement

By Alexis Chng-Castor, HR Certification Institute   
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The HR Certification Institute is now on the main social media sites. In this article, we will explore the different types of content you will find within each of our social media channels.


Our Profile: @HRCertInstitute

Audience: If you are a Twitter fan or simply do not have time to read lengthy messages, our Twitter page may be the best platform to stay updated on latest developments with certification matters.

Content: Exam-related matters, current certification announcements in less than 140 characters. During the Annual Conference, Twitter served as a great announcement tool when the new Value of Certification research study was released. It also kept our certified HR professionals informed on the latest conference pictures and video links of the conference. We participated in the Tweetup event and gave away an iPad to Tweetup winner Robin Schooling.


Our Profile: Hrcertinstitute Hrci

Audience: All HR professionals

Content: This is our platform to share events and conference footage and pictures with you. If your chapter had an event or interesting HR presentation, you are welcome to share that HR information with the group.


Our Main Profile: HR Certification Institute – Certification Matters

Audience: All HR professionals

Content: This group talks about general HR matters, e.g., popular certification topics, upcoming events. In addition, if you have any certification-related questions, you can post them on this site or send us a direct message and we will do our best to assist you.

Our SubGroup Profile: Certification Leaders of the HR Certification Institute

Audience: Certification CLA only

Content: Certification resources, certification-marketing materials, events for Certification CLA, special announcements. This group was created based on the specific needs of the Certification CLA. The Certification CLA took part in the “Promote Eligibility Requirements” contest where the best idea to promote the 2011 eligibility requirements wins an iPad. This contest was only available through LinkedIn and the winner is Dr. Fraya Wagner-Marsh, SPHR, GPHR, from the GAASHRM chapter in Michigan.


Connect with us here.

Audience: All HR professionals. Please note that you would need to log onto your HR Certification Institute profile before you are able to post comments on our blog.

Content: All certification-related matters. If you know friends or colleagues who are interested in learning about the certification process, e.g., exam-preparation methods or how our HR credentials can help their career, they can speak to our certified HR professionals directly through the blog. Look for the “Talk to Hosetta” link on our blog, send your questions and Hosetta will answer. Different certified HR professionals, other than Hosetta, will be featured on our blog each quarter to answer certification-related questions.

Have you decided which social media site works best for you? Follow us today!

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