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HRCI/SHRMStore Recertification Credit Program FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

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The HRCI/ SHRMStore Recertification Credit Program is an important way to broaden your HR knowledge and receive recertification credit in the process. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on the HRCI/ SHRMStore Recertification Credit Program.

How many credits can I earn using the program?
You can earn 2.5 credits per book.  The total allowable credits in a three-year certification cycle is 20 credit hours. 

What kind of credits do I receive for reading the select HR books?
Each book counts toward your continuing education activities.  Some books carry General Credit while others are approved for Strategic Credit.

Do I have to buy the book from the SHRMStore?
No, you can purchase the book through alternate sources, including book loans from local or online libraries.  However, to receive the credit, you will need to purchase an e-Learning quiz from the SHRMStore.  This quiz-only sale will not be available until March 30, 2013.

Can I read the e-book and still receive the credit?
Yes, you can read e-books and receive recert credits.  However, to receive the credit, you will need to purchase an e-Learning quiz from the SHRMStore.  This quiz-only sale will not be available until 1st quarter 2013.

How do I receive the recertification credits?

  •  When you purchase the book from the SHRMStore, you will receive a promo code for SHRM’s e-learning system.
  • After you read the book, you will use the promo code to take a quiz that tests your knowledge of the book’s content.
  • Log in or create a new account
  • Search for the book you have read. All book club books begin with the tag line, “Book Club."
  • Take the test. You have two opportunities to pass. Also, the test must be completed in one sitting. You cannot log out and log back in to resume the test. If you have not completed the test and log out, you will receive a failing grade. There is no time limit to taking the test. However, it must be completed in one sitting.
  •  If you receive a 70%+ passing grade you will be eligible to claim the book for credit. Once you pass the test, you will receive a Program ID that can be logged to claim credit.

How long after reading the book do I have before I can take the test?
You will receive the e-Learning promo code for the book quiz after purchasing the book.  You can access the test immediately.  Note:  You are allowed two opportunities to pass the test.

How do I know if I passed the test?
You will receive a pass/fail notification when you complete the test.  Note:  You have only two opportunities to pass the test.

How do I report my credits?
Record your credits in your Online Profile.  You will use the program ID provided at the time you complete and pass the test.  For more information on recording credits, visit HRCI's "Applying for Recertification Online" page.

How do I know which books are authorized for general, strategic or global credits?
Each book indicates the credit qualifications.  In addition, the test will indicate which credit the book carries.  For a list of the books approved for credit, visit the SHRMStore Book Club site.

What if I lose/misplace my promo code for the e-Learning proram?
You may e-mail the SHRMStore at to have a copy of your e-Learning promot code e-mail resent to you.  Please allow 48-72 hours to receive the replacement promo code.


To learn more about recertification, visit If you have additional questions or need more information, email the SHRMStore at or call 800-444-5006, option 1.

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