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How Can My Chapter or State Council Work with Students?


Offer student membership

Many chapters offer student membership at either a very low fee or for free. For instance, some chapters charge a small fee for students who work, and charge nothing for those who do not work. Also, chapters can charge a reduced price for meal functions.

Work with local student chapters

Invite members of the local student chapter to your chapter meetings. Allow time for them to network with your members. If students are seeking internships or entry-level HR positions, it could be a win-win situation for both the students and your members.

Assist the students with internships

Just about any HR professional could use an intern! Many students are seeking entry-level experience before graduation. If they have already begun to study HR, they are focused and mature enough to be good interns for you. Give a student a chance, and you just might have a great employee who will stay for years! Your chapter could put together a list of internships available with your members or could allow the student chapter advisor to email the students' resumes to your members. Some student chapters put together resume books for the professional chapter. Other chapters send internship postings to the student chapter advisor who distributes the postings to the students.

Allow a representative of the student chapter to sit on your chapter board

Either the student chapter advisor or the student chapter president could act as a liaison between the student chapter and the professional chapter by sitting on your board. This allows for excellent communication.

Offer a student scholarship

Many professional chapters or state councils offer a scholarship to a deserving HR student.

Recognize student chapters

Some chapters offer a monetary reward for student chapters that obtain a Merit or Superior Merit Award.

Other Ideas:

Sponsor a student to attend the annual SHRM conference
Allow students who work at your state conference to attend it free of charge
Send your Student Chapter Liaison to the annual SHRM conference

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