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100% Chapter Transition Toolkit - II


Changing the status of your chapter is a major decision for any chapter whether the starting point is an affiliation rate of 55% or 95%.  It will require a plan, research, communication and change management.  How the change is made will be one of the measures of success.

After reviewing the benefits of being a 100% chapter, presenting the idea to the chapter board for an initial discussion may be a good first step.  The buy-in and enthusiastic support of the board helps set the tone for any change.  A high-level discussion with the chapter, as part of a robust communications plan, will ensure transparency.

Establish a task force to conduct the due diligence step that should follow the initial discussion.  The task force lead could serve as the champion.  The task force could include a representative of the current board or, perhaps, a past president may wish to serve in this role.  This task force member will serve as the liaison to the board and as the voice of the board in all discussions.  Include both SHRM members and non-members on the task force as all current members will be impacted by any decision.

The task force will be empowered to:

·         research the concept;

·         conduct due diligence and other analyses;

·         present its findings and make recommendations to the board; and

·         present its findings and make recommendations to the chapter membership.

The task force will want to weigh all of the factors.

A SWOT analysis is the first step some chapters have used in previous transitions.  This might be something you would want to include in your strategic and/or short- and long-range planning discussions.  While the outcome may not be for a transition in the next year, the chapter’s future-state may be as a 100% chapter.

In developing your vision, please remember that all members of a 100% chapter must also be SHRM members.  Non-SHRM member categories such as "subscriber" or "friend of the chapter" are not acceptable.

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