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100 Percent Chapter Transition Toolkit - IX

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Consider making the transition over a period of a couple of years. Maybe your chapter's current percentage is 65 percent SHRM members in the first transition year. Announce to your members that your chapter has a goal of being 100 percent within a two (2) year period. Set intermittent goals for each year of your transition. The transition will be much easier if you give members time to make a commitment to SHRM membership.

During your transition years make sure all new members are SHRM members.

Consider subsidizing SHRM membership dues for all "new" SHRM members during your transition. This could be anywhere from 10 to 50 percent. Remember, you can also offer the first-time SHRM member discount which is discussed below. Of course this would be dependent on your chapter budget. But, offering an incentive to join may be one example of a positive motivator while the chapter is in transition.

Have your board members contact non-SHRM members on a "one-on-one" basis to discuss the benefits of being a SHRM member, discuss their concerns, and why your chapter made the decision to transition to a 100 percent chapter. The more communications with your members, the smoother the transition.

Post testimonials from SHRM members from your chapter on why they joined SHRM and continue to be a SHRM member. You can post testimonials on your website, newsletters, etc. You can also have your SHRM members speak during your chapter meetings.

Spend time at each chapter meeting having SHRM members briefly discuss a SHRM member benefit and the impact it can have on them professionally. It is likely that if your local members only (LMOs) fully understood the benefits of SHRM membership, they would become members. The chapters that focus on promoting SHRM member benefits have a higher rate of success in recruiting LMOs to SHRM. Remember, they want to know: what's in for me!

Invite your District Director, Field Services Director, State Council Director, or another speaker to provide the "SHRM is the Solution" presentation to your members once per year. This presentation is available to anyone who requests it. A script/talking points are also available with the slides. Another option is to use the presentation at each new member orientation session.

Use the articles provided by SHRM staff about member benefits in your chapter newsletters or on your website. Again, many local members only (LMOs) are simply not fully aware of the value SHRM can bring to them.

Utilize the SHRM Membership Recruitment and Retention Toolkit in the Volunteer Leaders' Resource Center ( to get ideas for recruiting LMOs to SHRM membership.

Offer a free SHRM membership as a prize to an LMO member via a drawing.

Did you know that those who join SHRM for the first time can get a special discounted rate? That's right! If you have local members only (LMOs) in your chapter, and you'd like to give them an extra reason to join SHRM, provide them with the special rate code listed below that they can use to join SHRM for a reduced first-time member rate.

Add a box on your chapter's website (in an obvious location) that says, "Join SHRM at a Special Discounted Rate!" The box text can say "New, first-time members to SHRM can join online using the promotional code 0118 to save $15 on the first-year membership rate. Go to and enter the code into the promotional code space on the application."

Create a prospect list that will include the non-SHRM members.  Periodically invite them to educational events such as seminars or workshops to reinforce the value of belonging to the chapter.  As part of your pricing structure have a “guest” price that is higher than the member price.  Limit the number of times a guest can attend in a calendar year. Through a multi-pronged approach of value proposition, pricing structure and limited access to chapter resources you will be promoting chapter membership and, in turn, SHRM membership.


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