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100% Chapter Transition Toolkit - V


Eligibility for membership is outlined in your chapter’s bylaws.  How is eligibility currently defined?

The bylaws of 100% chapters must include phrasing that clearly states membership in the chapter requires membership in SHRM.  Chapters may not include non-SHRM member categories such as "subscriber" or "friend of the chapter".  All members of the chapter must be members of SHRM. The model bylaws illustrate the appropriate phrasing.  The specific wording will depend upon how your transition is structured.  Regardless of the structure – phased or immediate – your chapter’s bylaws will need to be amended to reflect the SHRM membership requirement.

Your bylaws also include information on how to amend the bylaws.  This will be titled "Article # - Amendment of Bylaws."  Refer to that section of your bylaws as you being your work.

There are multiple steps involved to effect a change in your chapter’s bylaws.  The steps are outlined in the bylaws checklist.  It is important to note that the bylaws are not considered final and enforceable until all steps have been completed:  submitted to SHRM for approval, reviewed, approved by SHRM, ratified by the chapter and a signed copy returned to SHRM.  Please allow enough time in your plan for this process to be completed.

If you have questions about the bylaws requirements or approval process, please contact your Field Services Director or Regional Administrator.


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