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100 Percent Chapter Transition Toolkit - VIII

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Chapters that choose to make the transition to 100% may have a concern that they might lose members. However, some have found that their membership numbers actually increased. Here are three examples of chapters that have transitioned.

The Memphis TN chapter was 100% years ago.  They thought by going to non-100%, they might gain new members.  They actually lost members.  They returned to being a 100% chapter and grew substantially.  Members told them that they preferred the chapter to be 100% to have a stronger commitment to SHRM.

Valley of the Sun in Greater Phoenix AZ (now known as Greater Phoenix SHRM) is another example of a chapter which converted to 100% in 2010.  The main concern was initial impact on membership.  The chapter projected to lose all of their non-SHRM members as a worst case.  Over the course of the first year the chapter was able to recover and net the 10% membership superstar for the Plaltinum EXCEL Award via a combination of new members and existing LMOs joining SHRM.

The HRMA of Greensboro (NC) decided to transition to a 100% chapter in 2013 for the following reasons:

  • Increase the value of HRMAG membership
  • Being associates with SHRM reputation and professionalism
  • Maintain a high level of programs and services
  • Increased financial assistance from SHRM
  • "Free" SHRM staff speaker through the Speakers' Bureau
  • Give HRMAG more opportunities to reach at-large members through e-mail


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