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SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE)
Resources for Chapters and State Councils

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Sample Core Leadership Area (CLA) Initiatives

2015 Chapter SHAPE - Year-End Report Due 1/31/16

             Planning Workbook
             Planning Worksheet
             Online Reporting Form

2015 State Council SHAPE - Year-End Report Due 1/31/16
              Planning Workbook 
              Planning Worksheet
              Online Reporting Form


2016 SHAPE and Excel Awards

Introducing the new streamlined SHAPE and Excel programs. We heard your feedback and took much of the administration out of these programs. We’re excited to share the “lighter” tools with you.

2016 Chapter SHAPE - Planning Document
2016 State Council SHAPE – Planning Document
2016 Excel Awards (for both Chapters and State Councils)

Recorded Webinars – hear more about each program and how they are all tied together.



Frequently Asked Questions about SHAPE and Excel Awards

Planning and Tracking Worksheets
               SHAPE for Chapters
               SHAPE for State Councils
               Excel for Chapters and State Councils

Year-End Online Report – to come 3rd quarter of 2016 – Due January 31, 2017


The Idea Center has moved online!  We moved the Idea Center from the SHAPE Planning Workbook starting with 2012. The online version replaces the version previously found in the appendix of the planning workbook.  The online version includes samples of initiatives reported in the 2010 and 2011 SHAPE Year-End Reports.  We've expanded the number of inititives being shared and placed them in spreadsheets for your convenience.  Check out the online Idea Center in the Affiliate Successful Practices Center.


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