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Guide to Maintaining Your Council's History


Many state council leaders have contacted SHRM in the past requesting information on the history of a council. SHRM does not maintain that information, so it will be important for your council to do so.

What council information does SHRM maintain?

SHRM maintains a file on state councils that contains the CURRENT:

Council Bylaws
Council Board Members and contact information
Council Charters

What does this mean for your council?

Because SHRM does not maintain complete records on councils, this means that your council may want to consider keeping the following information in a binder or file box that is passed from director to director or otherwise stored:

List of original Board of Directors
Board of Directors roster for each year of the council's history
Meeting minutes
Treasurer Reports/Budgets
Original bylaws and any changes
Important events in the council's history
Newspaper clippings
Other important documents

Another way to maintain this information without keeping it in a large box is to begin saving information on diskettes or CDs each labeled with what it contains. For example, your council could save all the meeting minutes onto one diskette labeled "Meeting Minutes." Storing documents this way will take up less space and will be easier to store.

SHRM is willing to keep COPIES on file of any important documents for your council, such as Tax ID numbers, Articles of Incorporation, etc. Your council should keep the originals. SHRM will not store general documents such as minutes.

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