Concurrent Sessions
The content-rich concurrent sessions offered cover an extensive and inclusive range of topics. We encourage you to plan your conference curricula in advance. Please check back for the most up-to-date schedule of topics and speakers.

9:15 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Social Media at Work? --- Examining The Changing Role of Social Media in HR and Beyond
Workplace Application:
  This session will allow you to hear from a panel of experts on effective uses of social media tools for companies and organizations. 
This session will feature a panel discussion with speakers who are employing social media in their various roles to engage audiences that are pivotal to the success of their companies and organizations.  The goal of the session would be to give attendees an idea of how social media is being leveraged to effectively drive this engagement and generate measurable results.
Moderator: Curtis Midkiff, manager, PR and Social Media Relations, SHRM, Alexandria, Va.
Panelists: Jessica Lee, senior employment manager, APCO Worldwide, & Editor blog, Washington, D.C.; and Shana Glickfield, partner, Beekeeper Group, Washington, D.C.

How to Lobby Your Member of Congress
Workplace Application:
This session helps prepare attendees who will be meeting with congressional members by providing talking points and “how-to” strategies to effectively communicate your views on legislative issues. This session will be valuable for the seasoned veteran of Hill visits, as well as newcomers.
Capitol Hill visits provide a tremendous opportunity for the voice of HR professionals throughout the country to be heard by their representatives in Congress. Members of the SHRM Government Affairs team and congressional staff will provide an insider’s perspective on what to expect during Hill visits. This session will provide you with important Advocacy Day schedule information and walk you through the do’s and don’ts of meeting with your member of Congress and/or congressional staff.
Presenter: Lisa Horn, manager, Health Care, SHRM, Alexandria, Va.

10:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

The Increasingly Tangled Web of Immigration Law and Procedures
Workplace Application:
Attend this session and learn about the potential impact the Republican takeover in the House and Governorships will have on immigration policy in the 111th Congress and how the federal agencies might respond.
Employers have never been more challenged to keep abreast of changes in immigration and I-9 laws. Although comprehensive immigration reform has failed to pass, Congress has imposed significant new fees and restrictions on employers they perceive to be “abusing” the system. Similarly, the departments of Homeland Security, Labor and State are more closely scrutinizing petitions and questioning whether employers really need the foreign workers, especially where they will be placed at a client site. State and local governments continue to pass their own laws aimed at stopping the hiring of undocumented workers and the “outsourcing” of U.S. jobs. This session will examine how the Republican takeover in the House and gains in governorships might impact immigration policy in the 112th Congress and how the federal agencies might respond.
Presenters: Lynn Shotwell, executive director; and Jasmine Majod, director of Agency Liaison, American Council on International Personnel, Washington, D.C.

Health Care Reform One Year Later
Workplace Application:
Attend this session and learn not only what health care reform provisions are eective now but what you need to know about for the next several years.
You have spent most of 2010 striving to understand and comply with the new health care reform law and to communicate to employees and senior management about its impact. But more challenges lay ahead in implementing the law, and it’s not too soon for you to be thinking about changes slated to take effect in 2014. This session will include a checkup on health care reform provisions effective now, and a look ahead at what you should be thinking about for the next several years. We’ll also discuss the impact of the 2010 election and a new Congress on health care reform’s path forward.
Presenter: Amy Bergner, J.D., partner, Mercer, Washington, D.C.

Practice Your Passion: Advocacy As a Core Competency for HR Professionals
Workplace Application:
This session is intended to help you identify pending legislation and regulations that may impact HR operations and focus on steps you may take to shape public policy and advocate for legislation that best meets HR and business needs.
What’s the latest news from Capitol Hill? What legislation is pending before state legislatures that may impact HR practices? What regulatory guidance is pending? What can you do about it, why should you and how? Join this interactive program as we review pending legislation and regulatory developments across the country that may impact HR policies, practices and procedures, strategies for comparing/contrasting position statements and resources for engaging in proactive advocacy.
Presenter: Christine V. Walters, MAS, J.D., SPHR, independent consultant, FiveL Company, Westminster, Md.

Extreme Caution Advised: Dealing with Federal and State Laws Regulating Pre-employment Screening and Safe Hiring
Workplace Application
: Learn and get updated on federal and state laws that control the process of pre-employment screening and background checks on prospective employees. Audit your own practices to ensure that you are in compliance.
To avoid bad hiring decisions, employers have increasingly turned to pre-employment background screening as a risk management tool. No screening program can be conducted without a full understanding of a number of laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), discrimination and privacy law, the ADA, and a host of statespecific
rules. The session will review the application of federal and state laws to both pre-employment screening and the investigation of current employees.
Presenter: Lester S. Rosen, attorney and CEO, Employment Screening Resources, Novato, Calif.

2:00 p.m.–3:15 p.m.

Advocacy Boot Camp: Policy Issues for Capitol Hill Visits
Workplace Application:
To prepare for the Capitol Hill visits on Wednesday, this session will analyze specific legislative issues pending in the 112th Congress that directly impact the HR profession.
Please join SHRM’s Government Affairs staff in a discussion that will examine, in-depth, the legislative issues SHRM will be advocating during Wednesday’s Capitol Hill visits. Learn specifics about these legislative measures, as well as what members of Congress will play key roles in advancing these bills. While not mandatory, this is a “must attend” session for SHRM members planning to participate in the Capitol Hill visits during this conference.
Presenters: Lisa Horn, manager, health care; Michael Layman, manager, employment law & labor, SHRM, Alexandria, Va.

Lawsuit Proof Investigations
Workplace Application:
Attend this session to learn how you can conduct an effective investigation at your organization.
This program is designed for those who conduct investigations into employee misconduct. Whether you are in human resources, in-house counsel or an outsourced expert, this session will show you how the opposing counsel will try to attack and undermine your investigation. Once you learn the six common “ATTACKS” that opposing
counsel will use in litigation, you will know how to avoid the actions which will make your investigation vulnerable. You will learn how to make your investigation “Lawsuit Proof” against these attacks so that it withstands intense scrutiny during depositions, arbitration or courtroom testimony. The six ways that a plaintiff’s lawyer can undermine or “attack” an investigation are:
• The “Neutrality” Attack
• The “Time” Attack
• The “Fair & Thorough” Attack
• The “Taint Free” Attack
• The “Retaliation” Attack
• The “Burden to Remedy” Attack
This program will involve game play and humorous vignettes for your educational and entertainment pleasure. Prizes will be awarded to game winners, as well. Even if you do not conduct investigations, those who conduct training and development will enjoy the interactive, multimedia presentation.
Presenter: Jody Katz Pritikin, attorney, investigator, seminar leader, Katz Consulting & Associates, Santa Monica, Calif.

ADA Compliance After the Amendments: Shift Your Focus
Workplace Application:
This session will help you understand the expansion of the ADA after the 2008 Amendments and how to adapt your current policies and procedures.
The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 significantly expanded the situations in which employees are protected by the ADA. Complying with the ADA requires a shift in thinking by HR and management about when ADA protections may apply. This session will review the key changes in the law and emerging trends in interpretations by the EEOC and the courts; the need for changes in policies and procedures, training and focus; and lots of practical examples.
Presenter: Robert L. Duston, partner, Saul Ewing, LLP, Washington, D.C.