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Developing Effective Coaching Skills

HR Certification Institute: Approved PoviderRecertification Hours: 15

Competency - Consultation

Program Overview
This program of structured skill development enables HR professionals to learn and apply coaching techniques that more effectively increase leader and organizational performance. More important than technique alone, participants will also have direct experience as both “coach” and “coached,” through practice, observation, and feedback.

Participants will develop the self-awareness necessary to better assist the individual being coached—learning to listen and question deeply and accurately, and understanding their own perceptions, insights, and intuitions—so that the coaching approach becomes second nature.

Program Objectives

  • Build a foundation of coaching techniques and understand how to incorporate and make effective use of data and feedback.
  • Understand how to establish coaching agreements with internal clients and how to link coaching goals to business performance.
  • Create an open and flexible coaching relationship that includes the establishment of trust and respect.
  • Demonstrate active listening, the ability to ask powerful questions and effective communication techniques to provide the best experience for the person being coached.
  • Assist clients with the design and implementation of action steps to help them achieve their stated, desired goals.
  • Develop an effective coaching plan to manage the process and hold clients accountable for results.
  • Develop and practice effective coaching competencies.

 Delivery Methods


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    Face to Face Seminars Instructor Led Seminars

  • Classroom (Face to Face)
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