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Commitment from the Top

Available as:

  • Online learning

Recertification Hours: 2.5
(Approved for Strategic Business Management Credit)

Module Overview

In order for an organization’s diversity initiative to be successful, leaders must demonstrate a strong commitment. This means identifying diversity as a top priority and dedicating human, financial and operational resources to program success. Leaders also need to participate actively in the organization’s diversity management activities and lead by example. This module reviews strategies for gaining and strengthening senior leadership’s commitment to diversity.

The module consists of three topics:

  • Communicating a commitment to diversity
  • Involving senior leadership
  • Leadership accountability

Module Objectives

At the completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe ways in which senior leaders can communicate internally and externally the importance of diversity
  • Identify strategies for involving senior leaders in the organization’s day-to-day diversity activities
  • Identify strategies for holding leaders accountable for progress on diversity

Intended Audience

Designed for the mid- to senior-level diversity and inclusion/HR professional.