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Conflict Management Skills for HR Professionals


HR Certification Institute: Approved PoviderRecertification Hours: 7

Competency - Relationship Management

Program Overview
HR professionals will learn how to assess and manage conflict in the workplace while fostering a work environment conducive to effective discussions.

As conflict management represents a key competency for HR professionals, participants will measure their own perceptions of conflict, learn to identify the sources of conflict, and identify early warning signs of destructive conflict in order to develop positive alternatives. From identifying one’s individual conflict-handling mode to coaching others to resolve conflicts, this interactive program provides HR professionals an experience that will help them acquire the confidence needed to facilitate a conflict discussion between individuals and groups.

Program Objectives

  • Assess  their individual methods of managing conflict.
  • Understand the various styles in which others handle conflict.
  • Identify the sources and warning signs of potential conflict early on.
  • Execute methods for successful conflict discussions, coaching others to manage conflicts effectively, and facilitation of conflict discussions.
  • Understand the nature and causes of workplace conflict and how to create a positive environment for management.

 Delivery Methods


Onsite Training Modified to meet your needs

  • 1–day Onsite Program
  • Customizable Program

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