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Cases and Learning Modules to Download


The cases and learning modules shown on this page are available for use by HR educators in university settings to add, change or supplement content in existing or new HR courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels. SHRM is interested in receiving your feedback on this content. Please contact Bill Schaefer, M.A., CEBS, SPHR at to provide feedback, to suggest HR content topics SHRM should consider developing in the future or if you encounter trouble downloading any file.

For viewing and printing notes on PowerPoint slides: For a number of the available cases and learning modules, there are PowerPoint slides offered for class use. Many of these PowerPoint slides have notes available for the benefit of the instructor. In order to view the notes for the PowerPoint slides, you must save the document to your desktop or home drive and open it in PowerPoint. With the document open in PowerPoint, click on Notes Page under the View tab. This will allow you to see the notes (if any) for each slide in the presentation. More notes are available in the instructor’s manual or syllabus that accompanies the manual or case.

To print the notes, click on Print under the File tab. When the print dialogue box comes up, select the Notes Pages option under the Print what: drop-down menu that is on the bottom left-hand side of the dialogue box. This will print the entire slide show with notes directly under each slide. If you only want to print out the slides that have notes, you can do that by also selecting Slides in the Print Range box in the middle of the Print dialogue box. Then enter the slide numbers that include notes in the text box (each separated by a comma).

Regarding Permission for Use

SHRM’s Resources for HR Educators are copyrighted by SHRM and are intended for use in environments where HR knowledge is taught. Primarily, this includes HR classrooms in colleges and universities; however, these resources can be used by HR educators located in any academic or workplace setting. Currently, these materials are made available free of charge to faculty and educators for any classroom use within their own institution (but not for sale outside of their institution)... (e.g., photocopying, e-reserves or inclusion in course packs) without further need to request permission. Please duplicate only the number of copies needed—one for each student in the class. At some time in the future, SHRM may find it necessary to charge fees even for the academic use of these resources.

For all other uses, requesters are directed to the “Obtain reuse/copying permission” button that appears in the Tools box on each item.

If you have questions about reuse, please refer to SHRM’s Copyright and Permissions policies.

Case Studies, Caselettes, Exercises and Activities

The following titles are available. Note to HR faculty and instructors: SHRM content is intended for use in HR classrooms at universities. Teaching notes are often included with each. While our current intent is to make the materials available without charge, we will reserve the right to impose some charges should we deem it necessary to support this program. However, currently, these resources are available free of charge to all. Please duplicate only the number of copies needed, one for each student in the class.


Learning Modules

These learning modules are provided as a resource for HR faculty to supplement a current teaching plan, to add a new HR content topic to an existing course, or to create a new course. A learning module includes PowerPoint slides, teaching notes, syllabus, recommended readings and instructor's manual. In some instances, the learning module includes accompanying case studies, exercises, progress checks and quizzes. While each learning module is designed to be complete and ready-to-use, we anticipate instructors will invest preparation time in order to customize the module to his or her own teaching style.



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Questions? Contact Bill Schaefer, M.A., CEBS, SPHR at 1-800-283-7476, ext. 6286 or 1-703-535-6286. Via e-mail at

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