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Health Plan Cost-Shifting Trends
Cost shifting continues in employer-provided health plans. In 2014, a quarter of all employer plans had high deductibles of at least $1,250 for individuals, and two-thirds had individual, in-network out-of-pocket maximums of $2,500 or more.

Retiree Health Benefits Face Crossroads
The share of employers sponsoring retiree health coverage has declined, and those offering coverage are redesigning their plans.

Patients Often Win When Appealing Denied Claims
For many, filing an appeal is the only way to get the treatment they need. 

Employer-Required Exams Should Avoid Family History
Ensure that medical professionals conducting post-offer fitness-for-duty exams comply with federal restrictions on health-related questions.

ADA: An Inadvertent Leave Law?
Perhaps the Americans with Disabilities Act is not an “inadvertent” leave law, as an EEOC commissioner recently termed it, but a non-leave law seeking legitimacy as a leave law.

Curb Intermittent Leave Abuses
Not tracking employees' intermittent leave-taking, among other Family and Medical Leave Act missteps, can be costly.

How to Improve Leave Processes
Better managing intermittent FMLA leave improved operations and morale at the Cleveland Clinic. Here's what they did.

Guidance on Retirement Plans and Same-Sex Spouses
IRS Notice 2014-19 applies to spousal consent, survivor benefits, QDROs and other plan administrative features.

Health Coverage for Same-Sex Spouses
Insurers must offer health plans to employers that cover same-sex spouses, under new guidance.

Do HSAs Lead to a Shift in Prescription Drug Use?
Views differ on how health savings accounts (HSAs) affect prescription drug coverage and use.

Guidance on Health FSAs Carryovers
Health flexible spending account (FSA) carryovers prevent employees from also funding of an HSA, the IRS clarified.

Appellate Ruling Affirms Duty to Monitor 401(k) Fees
Proactive Steps to Improve Savings
High ACA Costs for Large Employers
Part-Time Hours: ACA 'Head Count' Strategies

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