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Health Care: W-2 Reporting Requirements

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Penalties Doubled for Not Filing ACA Information Returns and Furnishing Payee Statements

What to Include or Exclude in ACA W-2 Reporting

HR Q&A: What are the new reporting requirements for W-2s under PPACA?

HR Q&A: When the W-2 reporting requirement for the cost of an employee’s health benefits goes into effect, will employees be taxed for their health care?

IRS Issues Updated W-2 Reporting FAQs and Chart

Employers to IRS: Avoid Burdensome W-2 Health Plan Reporting

IRS Issues Guidance on W-2 Reporting of Health Care Costs

IRS Issues Interim Guidance on Form W-2 Reporting of Cost of Health Coverage

Draft Form Issued for Reporting Health Care Costs on W-2s for 2011

Start Planning Now for New W-2 Reporting Requirement

IRS Delays Form W-2 Reporting Requirement under PPACA

Health Care Reform Includes Form W-2 Reporting Requirement

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