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Health Care: Lactation Rooms Requirements

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Private Rooms, Required Breaks Make Breast-Pumping Easier 

Break Requirement for Nursing Mothers Raises Unanswered Questions

No Private Right to Sue over Lactation Room Requirement

Ensure Compliance with Lactation Room Requirements

SHRM Legal Report: Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers Clarified

Most Workers Unaware of Lactation Support Mandate 

DOL Seeking Comments on Breaks for Nursing Mothers

DOL Fact Sheet #73: Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA

Employers Must Provide 'Reasonable Breaks' for Nursing Mothers

Nursing Mothers Get a Break in Health Care Law

Breastfeeding Breaks: My state already has an existing law on lactation breaks how will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impact me? What if my Collective Bargaining Agreement already provides for this?

Breastfeeding Breaks: What is undue hardship? What if there are significant costs associated with creating the room?

Breastfeeding Breaks: What is a private place?

Breastfeeding Breaks: What are the employers’ responsibilities for providing new mothers with a place to breast feed?

Viewpoint: Health Reform Law's Protections for Nursing Mothers Are Welcome but Vague

Lactation/Breastfeeding Policies

Free Employer Toolkit Promotes Lactation Information

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