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Retirement Plans Resource Page

Retirement Plans Resource Page

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Auto Escalation Beats Inertia, So Why the Hesitancy?
Automatic escalation of salary-deferred contributions to 401(k) plans can help employees achieve their retirement-savings goals. That’s why it’s short-sighted for plan sponsors and participants to oppose adopting this feature.

Companies Eye Pension De-Risking
More employers are ditching pension liabilities by transferring funds to annuities or offering lump-sum payments. Given that these deals can leave retirees and employees feeling alienated and confused, it’s critical for HR to insert itself in the process.

DOL Wants Easier Access for Multiple Employer Plans
The Department of Labor (DOL) will ask Congress to make it easier for different employers to pool together in a 401(k) multiple employer plan, or MEP.

High Court Makes It Harder to Bring Stock-Drop Cases
Following a Supreme Court ruling on Jan. 25, participants in employee stock ownership plans—and 401(k)s with employer stock as an investment option—will have a harder time suing plan fiduciaries when company stock prices drop.

Overcoming Retirement Plan Hurdles
Many small business don’t offer retirement benefits, and Millennials often don’t take advantage of them when they are available.

Higher Interest Rates Will Impact 401(k)s in 2016
The Federal Reserve is raising its benchmark interest rates. 401(k) participants should expect greater stock and bond market volatility, and higher loan rates for those who borrow from their accounts.

Advance Copies of 2015 Form 5500 Available
Informational copies of 2015 Form 5500 and related instructions, for benefit plan reporting due in 2016, were released in early December.

Cash Balance Plans Can Tip the Scale in Retirees’ Favor
The number of cash balance plans continues to grow each year, while the number of traditional defined benefit plans has shrunk for the past few decades. But might higher PBGC premiums slow these plans’ popularity?

DOL Boosts State-Run Retirement Plans for Employers
The Department of Labor (DOL) issued guidance clarifying that individual states are authorized to administer defined contribution plans for a wide range of businesses and that the state, and not the employer, will function as the fiduciary in these retirement saving programs.

Doallar-for-Dollar Is Most Common Match
The most common employer 401(k) match is now on a dollar-for-dollar basis, according to a new survey. Employers also are automatically enrolling employees into their plans at higher salary-deferral rates to increase participation and encourage savings.

401(k)s Shifting to Fixed-Dollar, Per-Head Fees
Paying plan administrators a fixed-dollar, per-head fee (rather than a percentage of plan assets) is seen by a growing number of 401(k) plan sponsors as a more-transparent and fair approach.


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'Choose to Save' Resources. Find brochures, calculators, public services announcements and other materials that can help plan sponsors promote retirement plan participation at, a project of the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute.

DOL's Lifetime Income Calculator. Via DOL.

Making Sense of the Uncashed Retirement Plan Check Dilemma. Via Inspira.

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How America Saves: The Coalition to Protect Retirement
This SHRM-chaired coalition is working to defend the special tax treatment of retirement savings.


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