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Retirement Plans Resource Page

Retirement Plans Resource Page

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Pension Smoothing Extended, No Premium Hike
Update: The IRS has released guidance on the smoothing provisions under the Highway and Transportation Funding Act (HATFA). Decisions about elections are required as soon as Dec. 31.

Find the Right 401(k) Match
Look at the bottom line to determine a match that can be sustained.

401(k) Participants Favor Auto Escalation
Benefit managers still reluctant to automatically escalate employees’ 401(k) contributions might want to reconsider.

Gen Xers’ Retirement Savings Prospects
Will Generation X have enough money for retirement?

Fewer Pension Freezes
Those hardy employers that have kept their defined benefit pension plans open to new salaried employees seem intent on staying the course.

‘Google’ Missing Plan Participants
Start searching for those who've left funds in a terminating 401(k) by using free Internet search tools, the Department of Labor (DOL) advises.

Workers Confused by 401(k) Investments
While many say they'd benefit from personalized advice, relatively few take advantage of this resource when it’s offered.

Spread the Word: Social Security Info Is Online
Encourage workers to review their estimated future Social Security benefits online.

Lower Pay for a Higher 401(k) Match?
Employees overwhelmingly would refuse a job with no 401(k) match, even with higher pay. But many over-rely on the match, failing to contribute enough on their own.

Retirement Plans with Employer Stock: What Now?
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling increases the liability for fiduciaries of account-based retirement plans that contain employer stock.

One-Third of Americans Borrow from Retirement
The misuse of 401(k) loans shows why plan sponsors should make financial education a core component of their plans.

Less Is More: Sponsors Simplify 401(k) Menus
Too many investment options leave participants feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Work in Retirement Is the New Norm
Help those approaching the traditional retirement age to understand they have several untraditional options.


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'Choose to Save' Resources. Find brochures, calculators, public services announcements and other materials that can help plan sponsors promote retirement plan participation at, a project of the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute.

DOL's Lifetime Income Calculator. Via DOL.

Making Sense of the Uncashed Retirement Plan Check Dilemma. Via Inspira.




How America Saves: The Coalition to Protect Retirement
This SHRM-chaired coalition is working to defend the special tax treatment of retirement savings.


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Increasing Plan Participation
Focus on HR's host Kathleen Koch speaks to Linda Robertson and Ric Edelman about boosting employee participation in retirement plans.
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