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Workplace Flexibility: Flex Hours

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Flexible Workplace/Flex Hours:


Women Who Ask for Flextime Distrusted More Than Men

Creating an Effective Flexible Work Environment

Flexibility Rules at Unilever

Scheduling: What is the impact of an alternative work schedule or compressed work schedule on paid leave benefits such vacation, PTO and sick leave?

24-Hour Shift: Mobile Employees Work Around the Clock

Testimony: FLSA is Outdated for Today’s Workplace Flexibility Needs

High Gas Prices Challenge U.S. Businesses

Study: Flexible Schedules Reduce Conflict, Lower Turnover

Make Results Matter: Implementing a Results-Only Work Environment

Gap Outlet: Second Retailer Adopts Results-Only Work Environment Strategy

Clocking Out: Best Buy's novel come-and-go-as-you-please work style

Research Links Workplace Practices, Employee Health

From Dependence to Self-Sufficiency

Future Focus: Clockwork Productivity

Taking Time Off to the Bank

Policies and Tools:

Managing a Nontraditional Workforce

Workplace Flexibility in the 21st Century Research Report: Meeting the Needs of the Changing Workforce

Alternative Work Schedule Policy

Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement

Alternative Work Schedule Policy

Take the Summer Off Policy

Alternative Work Schedules: Training for Supervisors

Flextime Request Form

Summer Flextime Request Form

Flextime Policy

Flextime/Compressed Schedule Policy

Summer Flextime Policy

Job Sharing Agreement

Polls and Research:

Workplace Flexibility in the 21st Century: Do Flexible Work Arrangements Make Employees Happier?

SHRM Poll: Transitioning to a Virtual Organization

At Work in a Virtual World

SHRM Poll: The Pressure to Work (the Employee Perspective)

SHRM Poll: Financial Challenges to the U.S. and Global Economy and Their Impact on Organizations (including flexible work benefits to save on building and maintenance costs)

SHRM Poll: The Continued Economic Downturn: the Employee Perspective (employees were asked about the impact of reducing or elimination flexible work benefits)

SHRM Research Report: Leading Now, Leading the Future: What Senior HR Leaders Need to Know (flexibility/adaptability is explored in detail throughout this summary)

SHRM Foundation Research: Work-Life Interference: Expanding our Measurement Conceptualization and Improving our Measurement

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