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Second Medical Opinions: The Right Remedy?
More employers encourage second opinions for high-cost procedures.

FSA Open Enrollment Reminders
Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) continue to garner significant questions from employees during open enrollment.

Outsourcing HR: When, Why, What If?
By outsourcing benefits and other admin services, growing firms can better deploy their human capital—up to a point.

Comments Sought on Contraceptive Rules
The Obama administration announced new accommodations for employers with religious objections to providing contraceptive coverage. Will these efforts quell the controversy?

‘Google’ Missing Plan Participants, DOL Says
Start searching for those who've left funds in a  401(k) by using free Internet search tools, the Department of Labor (DOL) advises.

Consumer-Directed Satisfaction Gap Slims
Who’s happier with their health plan—those in traditional managed care plans, or those in consumer-driven and high-deductible plans?

Employers Adjust Health Benefits for 2015
Employers' cost will rise 6.5 percent next year without plan changes, but can be held to 5 percent by emphasizing consumer-directed plans, increasing spousal surcharges and controlling specialty drug costs, among other steps.

Workers Forgo 401(k) Advice
While many plan participants believe they would likely benefit from personalized advice, relatively few are actually taking advantage of this resource when it’s offered.

Mailing of FMLA Notices Insufficient, Court Rules
An appellate ruling could require employers to prove they provided required Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) notices to employees by a traceable means rather than first-class mail.

Managers Surprised by FMLA's Breadth
Supervisors often think the Family and Medical Leave Act only comes into play when an employee takes maternity leave or has a debilitating illness requiring an extended hospital stay.


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