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Prepare for Stepped-Up Union Pay Demands
The “Fight for $15” protests on April 15, pressing companies to pay their workers a minimum of $15 per hour, show that unions are putting fresh efforts into organizing around fair pay. HR should be developing labor response plans and providing training and information to managers on labor issues.

Men’s Pay Still Outpaces Women’s
Women’s pay, compared to men’s, grew substantially in the ‘80s and ‘90s, largely because women were getting more education, especially advanced and professional degrees, researchers say. But those gains have stagnated.

Wage Growth Still Lags Economic Recovery, Data Shows
National wages in the U.S. for the first quarter barely increased, but some cities handily outpaced others in wage gains.

New Section 162(m) Transition Relief for Stock Awards
The IRS issued final regulations under Section 162(m) clarifying limits on the deduction that public companies may take for the annual compensation paid to highly compensated officers.

Confront Pay Disparity Between Executives and Workers
The rising pay gap between senior-level and lower jobs is an emotional issue for employees, affecting job satisfaction and engagement.

Get Ready to Reclassify Employees as Nonexempt
The U.S. Department of Labor will soon unveil its proposal to limit job positions that can be classified as exempt from overtime. It’s time to prepare for the likely consequences of widespread employee reclassifications.

Evaluate Pay Policies as Talent Market Heats Up
Even in an age of data overload, many businesses still take a “play it by ear” approach regarding retention and compensation.

Incentive Pay Metrics: The Long and the Short of It
While nonfinancial metrics commonly have lower weightings than financial measures in long-term incentive plans, they can play an important role in signaling business priorities.


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