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Retention Compensation Plans—Please Stay!
A successful retention pay strategy targets key talent from areas where continuity is critical.

Millennials Expect Raises, Promotions
Millennial workers set themselves apart from older generations by being more likely to expect raises, promotions and bonuses more than once a year.

Prepare for Imminent FLSA White-Collar Regulations
While waiting for upcoming Fair Labor Standards Act white-collar regs, take some steps to prepare.

Promotions See Uptick, but not Related Pay Increases
An increase in employee promotions shows a loosening of pay budget purse strings—but only so much.

Workers Mostly Satisfied with Rewards Mix
Many employees would prefer higher pay to better benefits, reflecting the desire for real wage growth.

Wage Growth Varied by Industry
Job holders’ hourly wages in the U.S. rose 2.7 percent overall last year, but varied markedly by industry.

‘Clawback’ Triggers: Misconduct to Disparagement
Despite more pay recoupment provisions, it’s relatively uncommon to see them exercised.

‘Sharing Economy’: Employees or Contractors?
Increasingly, Uber, Lyft and other “sharing economy” workers want to be classified as employees, and some courts agree.

DOL Takes Aim at Contractor Misclassification
Make sure workers aren’t being misclassified as independent contractors or risk vigorous U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) enforcement.

85% of Firms Target Market Median for Base Pay
While the job market isn't compelling employers to accelerate wage growth, pay for performance continues to thrive.

Forecast: Restrained Wage Growth Continues
Restrained wage growth is forecast to continue, with some areas and industries doing better (or worse).

Inclement Weather Poses FLSA Challenges
When work closes because of inclement weather, exempt and nonexempt employees are treated differently under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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