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Deadly Sins for Women at Work  
Addressing over-apologizing, sharing too much and ‘perfectionism prison.’  

New SHRM policy statement supports order, with cautions.

Authors term may offend; is designed to evade liability

California earns an A-; 17 states get an F. 

Pay Is Millennials’ Top Job Concern 
Close behind: meaningful work, getting along with co-workers.

Career Transitions Across Generations 
Understand characteristics to guide workers through change.  

For Fathers: How About Balance?
Working dads find it hard to juggle jobs and personal lives.

Coaching Teens on the Job 

More Than Half of LGBT Workers Closeted

When the Bad Guy's the Boss

Code Words for Women: Nurturers or Leaders? 


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Marching Beyond Compliance 
Effective practices for defining your diversity strategy, information about key resources, and a free recruitment program that matches employers with qualified students with disabilities.
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Get an overview of terminology and issues associated with diversity and inclusion.

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From Sex to Religion: Taking Control of Harassment
Without proper harassment training, a surprising number of employees - including managers and supervisors - actively engage in harassing behavior and never even realize it.




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Al Vivian, president and CEO of BASIC Diversity, once asked (Where did you get your racial prejudice?) and got a shocking response.
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