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Directing Helicopters, Mailing Dirt All in a Day’s Work
Strange workplace tasks include organizing hula hoop contest.

Cancer Patient’s Firing Raises ADA Accommodation Questions
Avoid assumptions about illness; explore creative schedules, new tasks. 

Companies Lure Millennials with Zombies, Wine Bars
Luring Millennials w/ice cream trucks, movie nights.


“Employee Engagement” Tops List of Annoying Workplace Jargon 
Imprecise phrases can muddle the message


Arm Your Workplace Against Cyberbullies
Are you liable for a cyberbully’s actions?



‘Sugar Bear’ May Be Reasonable Accommodation
An outlandish-sounding workplace accommodation for a disability may be reasonable, a federal court decision suggests.


Address Offensive Attire with Dress Code, Nondiscrimination Policy
What offends people—as evident by recent objections to the Washington Redskins name—can change. 


Angst, Fear and Guilt Convince Workers to Avoid Vacation 
Getting ahead, managers’ examples are other reasons Americans don’t take PTO.


Some Jobs Going Way of Dodo Bird
Farmer, lumberjack, flight attendant among the 10 jobs most likely to disappear by 2022.


Can Flexible Schedules Create Workaholics? 
Freedom with hours inspires productivity, may lead to burnout. 

What's a Workplace 'Dealbreaker'? 
Lack of work/life balance and trust drive employees away.  


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Holly Curtis, Executive Advisor of HR at Lake Capital, tells a story from early on in her career that involved swimsuit calendars in the workplace.
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Datafication of HR 
As organizations adopt strategic business partner approaches to HR, there is growing demand for HR to move from intuition- to data-driven decision making about the workforce. Watch this webcast 




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Employee Surveys That Work: Improving Design, Use, and Organizational Impact provides guidance on who to include in surveys, issues to focus on, and balancing the tradeoffs involved.