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Of Ebola, Terrorists and Plane Crashes
News headlines may inspire Halloween costumes that offend, create liability.

HR Thinks Workers Much Happier Than They Are
Disconnect extends to salaries, benefits, leadership and HR departments, study shows.

Pushy or Pushover? Striking Balance Tricky
Do you know when you’re seen as a jerk or a pushover, a bully or a doormat by the person on the other side of the ‘bargaining table’? 

Workflex Likely to Expand Significantly, Though Not All Managers on Board
Almost 3 in 4 HR professionals say managers don’t reward them for supporting flexible work arrangements.

What if All Company Meetings Were Voluntary? 
Authors of a new book promote unconventional ways to make meetings more meaningful.

What If You Have a Ray Rice in Your Office?
65 percent of employers don’t have a plan for domestic violence.

Directing Helicopters, Mailing Dirt All in a Day’s Work
Strange workplace tasks include organizing a hula hoop contest.

Cancer Patient’s Firing Raises ADA Accommodation Questions
Avoid assumptions about illness; explore allowing creative schedules and assigning new tasks. 

Companies Lure Millennials with Zombies, Wine Bars 

“Employee Engagement” Tops List of Annoying Workplace Jargon 

Some Jobs Going Way of Dodo Bird

Angst, Fear and Guilt Convince Workers to Avoid Vacation 


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HR Stories
Holly Curtis, Executive Advisor of HR at Lake Capital, tells a story from early on in her career that involved swimsuit calendars in the workplace.
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Datafication of HR 
As organizations adopt strategic business partner approaches to HR, there is growing demand for HR to move from intuition- to data-driven decision making about the workforce. Watch this webcast 




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