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SHRM India Conference Imparts Leadership Lessons for HR
Over 700 delegates from India and neighboring countries attended the 2014 SHRM India Annual Conference & Exposition—the country’s largest HR event—held September 25-26 in Gurgaon.

Canadian Visa Applicants Provided Speedier Processing
U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that first-time Canadian TN and L visa applicants applying for admission to the United States may visit 14 designated ports of entry for quicker processing of their visa applications.

Navigate Cultural Differences to Succeed Across Borders
Erin Meyer sat down with SHRM Online to discuss how HR and business leaders can effectively manage global teams, and how to strengthen cross-cultural engagement.

Sexual Harassment in the Mexican Workplace
For many Mexicans, one of the most welcome additions incorporated in the Mexican Federal Labor Law that was enacted on Dec. 1, 2012, was the reference to sexual harassment in the workplace.

U.S. Proceeds with Labor Enforcement Case Against Guatemala
The United States is pressuring Guatemala to improve its labor law enforcement and restarting legal action under a free trade agreement that could lead to significant fines for the Central American nation.

Takeaways from Australia’s Anti-Bullying Law
The following is a summary of some of the recent bullying cases that have come before the Fair Work Commission and the courts and highlight some key considerations for employers.

USCIS Clarifies Policy on H-3 Trainee Eligibility
Mid- and senior-level employees may, in some instances, qualify for the H-3 trainee classification, according to recently updated U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services guidance.

New Colo. Employment Verification Form Must be Used Starting Oct. 1
The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has released a new mandatory Affirmation of Legal Work Status form that must be used by employers for new hires hired on or after Oct. 1, 2014.

Ebola Outbreak Is ‘Wake-Up Call’ for HR
The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa is “a wake-up call” for HR professionals to take precautions with employees who travel to or are stationed in areas affected by the epidemic, says one medical expert.

Public Holiday Benefits Vary Worldwide
Employees in Colombia and India benefit from the greatest number of public holidays in the world (18 each), while Mexicans have access to the least (seven).

How Scotland’s Independence Vote Will Impact HR
No matter the outcome of Scotland’s historic referendum on Sept. 18, 2014, experts say the vote will have a tremendous impact on human resource practitioners—whether an independent Scotland emerges, or if it remains part of the United Kingdom.

How to Launch Global HR Policies
As soon as headquarters crafts workable language for its latest cross-border code, policy or plan document, the project should shift to answering an entirely separate, often more complex question: How are we going to launch this document and impose it on our staff overseas?

‘Accidental Expats’ Pose Greater Compliance Risks
Emerging trends in international assignments are creating new compliance risks for human resource professionals at multinational companies.

Living and Working in Kenya
Kenya is less challenging for expatriates than many other countries in Africa. Yet it remains a difficult location for some, with security issues and transportation being particular concerns.

Proposed Ontario Bill Shakes Up Employment Laws
Several workplace laws would change dramatically and employers would face more accountability under a bill currently making its way through the legislature of Ontario, Canada

U.K. Agency Publishes Guidance on E-cigarettes in the Workplace
The United Kingdom’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service published a guidance to help employers decide on policies allowing employees to smoke e-cigarettes at work or banning them in the workplace.

Netherlands Law Impacts Contract Employment, Dismissal
Dutch law governing temporary employment contracts, employee termination and unemployment benefits will be significantly changed beginning January 2015.

Hong Kong Ranked Best for Engaging Contingent Labor
Hong Kong continues to be the highest-ranked country for contingent workforce operations, followed closely by the United States and China.


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Obama Promises Executive Action on Immigration Reform
President Barack Obama announced that his administration will take executive action this year to address the country’s immigration policies, effectively hammering the nail in the coffin of comprehensive legislative reform.






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