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Fostering Global Competence
Globalization is one of the defining concepts of our time. Here’s how HR can become competent business leaders on the world stage.

U.S.-Swiss Collaboration Planned for Apprenticeships
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is planning to establish an apprenticeship program based on the Swiss vocational education model. The U.S. and Switzerland on July 9, 2015, are planning to sign a Joint Declaration of Intent to collaborate on this venture and to exchange policy information and best practices in vocational education and training.

Globalization Presents Complex Challenges for HR Managers
As organizations become increasingly global, HR managers will face new challenges as they try to build productive, cohesive workforces that in some cases span many cultures, countries or regions, according to a paper by the SHRM Foundation, researched in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Know Your Global Workforce
Understanding global workplace cultures is becoming more important as the world undergoes globalization at hyperspeed. There were an estimated 27,000 multinational corporations in 1980, according to the World Trade Organization. By 2015, that number has soared to 128,000. Against that backdrop, multinational companies need to understand the cultural norms of the teams they manage in other countries.

Ombudsman: USCIS Processes Burdensome for Employers
The Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman Annual Report 2015 reveals that longstanding challenges submitting petitions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) still exist.

British Columbia: Workplace Policies Key in Upholding Just Cause Dismissal
Terminating employees in Canada can be expensive. Nonunionized employees are owed reasonable notice under the common law, or pay in lieu of such notice, which can lead to significant payouts to terminated employees. The only exceptions are if an employee is employed on a fixed term, has a defined contractual entitlement on termination, or just cause exists for termination.

Adapt Travel Policies for ‘Sharing Economy’ Users
Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit—do any of these sound familiar? Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit—do any of these sound familiar? These are examples of the rapidly expanding “sharing economy,” a collaborative consumption model where peers share their resources and time. They can present some risks to travelers, and employers should develop policies and advice for traveling employees.




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