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Successor Bar Doctrine Applied to Require Collective Bargaining
An employer that acquired a unionized company and thought it could quit bargaining with the union that had lost majority support instead was required to keep bargaining with the union for six months under the successor bar doctrine.

Nomination to Serve on NLRB Withdrawn
The impact of the midterm elections is already being felt on Capitol Hill. Present Barack Obama has withdrawn Sharon Block's nomination to serve on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Black Friday Will Bring More Protests at Wal-Mart
Another Black Friday, another day to strike over wages at Wal-Mart. For the third year in a row, employees at the retailer have planned to stage protests on the day after Thanksgiving.

Another Class-Action Waiver Shot Down, But Likely to Rise from the Ashes
It's official: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and federal courts are at war over whether class-action waivers are allowed in arbitration agreements.

Nurses Strike Over Ebola Preparedness

Ebola preparedness is still an urgent issue even though the wave of intense concern about it in the United States has ebbed, according to nurses who went on strike over allegedly inadequate Ebola precautions.


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Myths Abound About Right-to-Work States
Contrary to popular misconceptions, union organizing is not less prevalent in the 24 right-to-work states.
Canada's Experience with Expedited Union Certification
The National Labor Relations Board has proposed a number of changes to the rules governing the conduct of certification votes, some of which have been borrowed from Canadian law.

Court to Review Effect of Silence in CBAs on Duration of Retiree Health Care
The Supreme Court announced it will review whether, when construing collective bargaining agreements, courts should presume that silence on the duration of retiree health care benefits means the parties intended to vest and continue indefinitely.
NLRB Invites Input on Using Employers' E-mail for Organizing
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) expressed interest in overturning a decision that bars employees from using their employer's e-mail for union organizing purposes.

Management Attorneys: New Organizing Rules Are Witches’ Brew for Employers 
The combination of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) micro-bargaining units decision, its proposed “quickie election” rule and “persuader activity” regulations are stacking the deck against employers targeted by unions, management attorneys fear.

Report: UFOs Make Their Mark in Organized Labor
New models of employee representation are emerging to reshape organized labor.


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