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California Resources Page

California Resource Page

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In the spring of 2012, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling in Brinker Restaurant Corporation v. Superior Court, clarifying businesses’ legal obligations regarding meal and rest breaks. Many companies are still grappling with these issues.
San Diego’s hotly contested minimum wage ordinance has been put on ice until at least 2016.
Calif. Data Breach Law Expands Credit Monitoring to Victims
Businesses in California now have added motivation to protect residents’ personal information after Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill amending the state’s data breach notification law.
California employers will soon have to prove, under penalty of perjury, that workplace safety and health hazards have been corrected before receiving any penalty modifications, and even while they are contesting the citations in an appeals process.
California Legislation Wrap-Up: Paid Sick Leave, Liability and Labor Contractors – and Telegraphs 
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a stack of bills that affect HR professionals, including a measure guaranteeing paid sick leave for California workers and regulations governing contractors’ liability and workplace bullying training. 
California has become the third state in the country, after New York and Oregon, to ban sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace directed toward unpaid interns.  
A university properly terminated a professor for failing to undergo a fitness-for-duty examination after he had engaged in instances of threatening behavior, the California Court of Appeal ruled.

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The purpose of the Employee Benefits Strategies series is to identify the benefits California organizations provide to their employees and determine if they leverage these benefits for recruitment and retention. In this research, California data are compared with national data.

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SHRM’s Metro Economic Outlook reports provide comprehensive analysis of the economies of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Click below for reports on:
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The Ongoing Impact of the Recession
These survey findings look at differences between California and the U.S. in financial health, hiring, recruiting, and the skills gap.

The Employee Benefits Landscape
How do California employers compare with national averages in benefits offerings? Survey data of 300 benefits are reported in 11 areas. 




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