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Adapt Travel Policies for ‘Sharing Economy’ Users
When employees use services like Airbnb or Uber during a business trip, company risk may be far from their minds, but it's an issue their employers are thinking about.

Employee Theft Costs Retailers Billions
New research from the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that retail outlets lost $44 billion in 2014—from shoplifting, employee and vendor theft, and administrative errors—to what the industry refers to as “inventory shrinkage."

OSHA Revises Exemption for Industrial Chemical Retailers
Some companies with hazardous chemicals onsite but formerly exempted as retail facilities will now be covered under process safety management (PSM) regulations.

Apple Lawsuit over Security Checks Certified as Class Action
A federal court on July 16, 2015, certified the long-running lawsuit against Apple Inc. over security searches of workers’ bags as a class action.

OSHA Issues Inspection Directive for Revised HazCom Standard
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration published new directions for its inspectors enforcing the agency’s recently revised hazard communication standard.

How to Keep Employees Safe from Robots
Today’s workplace is rapidly changing and so is its workforce. An increasing number of jobs once performed by humans are now performed by robots, and this has not escaped the attention of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Can Incident Management Software Replace Safety Professionals?
The new generation of safety professionals will have a need and expectation for technology.

Integrate Safety System Approach into Daily Operations
A safety system approach is nothing more than a quality systems approach applied to health and safety management.

Who’s Responsible Under OSHA’s Multiemployer Citation Policy?
Multiemployer worksites, not surprisingly, complicate labor law compliance and raise vexing questions. When are you responsible for hazards affecting another employer’s workers? What responsibility do other employers have for the safety of your workers?


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Employee Drug Screening: What You Need To Know
Speaker: Dr. Murray Lappe, Chief Innovation Officer, Alere Technologies
Learn what you need to know about workplace drug screening, the elements of a successful program and how to ensure it reduces, rather than increases, your company's liability.
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