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Why Social Recognition Matters
With the workforce becoming more global, social, mobile and multigenerational, a new strategy for employee recognition is needed, experts say. Social recognition capitalizes on employees’ behavioral habits and new social technologies to give more people a voice in saying “thanks,” adding an important tool to an organization's rewards strategy.

Study: Teleworkers More Productive—Even When Sick
Teleworkers are more productive and less likely to take time off work—even when sick, a new survey reveals. Experts say the study reveals what those who have successfully deployed telework for years already know: that with proper management and guidance, telework can provide many benefits for employer as well as employee.

Record H-1B Visa Demand Expected
Employers should be well on their way to initiating and preparing their H-1B cap-subject visa petitions for the 2016 fiscal year deadline, which is now less than two months away.

National E-Verify Mandate Revived
Legislation requiring employers to use the government’s electronic employment eligibility verification program will soon be reintroduced, lawmakers said.

Lessons Learned from Anthem Data Breach
Several security experts reached by SHRM Online said that while breaches of this nature are increasing and may be unavoidable, the extent of the damage from the Anthem breach was preventable given the many ways technology can be deployed to lessen a breach’s impact.

HR Tech: It’s Not Just for HR Administrators Anymore
Providing a great user experience for employees has become a smart business initiative and the new imperative for HR technology providers.

S.C. Employees Banned from Using Social Media at Work
Employees of the state of South Carolina will have to say goodbye to Facebook this summer—at least while they’re at work. The state has banned state employees from using social media at work and the ban may be the first of its kind for a state in the U.S.

Digital Technology: Demand Is Transforming HR
HRIT managers face a fresh set of opportunities and challenges as a result of rapidly evolving digital technology. Employees are bringing their consumer-based expectations into the workplace, and, as a result, organizations are under pressure to adapt how they interact with customers and manage their operations and staffs.

Are Training Trends Driven by Youth or Technology
How Millennials learn may be reshaping the way employers plan and implement training and development programs. Millennials, defined as those born between 1982 and 2004, are often referred to as “digital natives” because they are the first generation to grow up during the Internet age.

3-D Printing Could Bring Some Jobs Back to the U.S.
3-D printing, experts say, has the potential to change the manufacturing industry completely. HR may be tasked with leading the way in bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. and staffing new ones as a result of the new technology.

Selling Tech to the C-Suite? Business Cases Help 
When human resource leaders approach C-suite executives with requests to fund new HR technologies, they can feel a little like a teenager asking a date’s parents for permission to stay out past midnight. Here’s how to turn “no” into yes.

New Payment Card Security Standards May Redirect Hackers Online
The new chip-enabled credit cards to meet an Oct. 15, 2015, deadline in the U.S., will give retailers a welcome new security protection against identity fraud.

Hackers Target Companies with Wire Transfer
Since October 2014, hackers have been running two scams simultaneously. First, they’ll hack into a company’s computer system and hold some computers hostage with ransomware. Then, while IT tries to ascertain how to fix that problem, the hackers will hijack an executive’s e-mail account and send an an e-mail to an employee with access to the company’s finances to wire money for a seemingly valid business reason.

What HR Should Know About the Gossip App Memo
Memo, a new messaging app in which people can gossip about work anonymously, has drawn the ire and interest of both employees and employers. But its creator tells the Society for Human Resource Management that he believes the app can help HR better engage employees.

Internet of Things, Computing Everywhere, Tech Security Dominate 2015 Trends
Shrewd chief information officers this year will be considering how to monetize the Internet of Things, harness “big data,” plan strategic network investments, and better manage employees who compute from everywhere.

Survey: Internet Increases Employee Productivity
According to a recent survey from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, 46 percent of employees say that the Internet has increased their productivity.

HR, IT Weigh in on Google, Apple Settlement
HR professionals, legal experts and others are weighing in on a reported $415 million anti-trust settlement in which Apple, Google and other tech giants agreed to pay 65,000 highly-skilled technology workers for colluding to restrict workers’ wages and prohibit them from getting better job offers.

Data Security and Cyberthreat Trends for 2015
Experts warn that cybercrime will become more sophisticated this year, continuing to expand from simple network password fraud to large-scale espionage.

Proposals on Data Breach, Privacy Raise HR Questions 
In a sneak peek of his plans for the new year just ahead of his Jan. 20, 2015, State of the Union address, President Barack Obama has highlighted new proposals to safeguard privacy in the digital age. The proposals follow the November 2014 data breach at Sony Pictures.

Personal E-Verify Service Debuts in 16 States
NLRB: Organizing Communication on E-Mail Now Permitted
Using the Cloud Requires Mindset Shift
Companies Will Take Advantage of New Tech Tools


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