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Instagram Poses Opportunities, Risks for Employers
Finding candidates through Instagram is becoming increasingly popular for recruiters, but it poses legal risks if certain hurdles aren't cleared.

Gawker Faces Collective Action by Unpaid Interns
There's a fine line between the lawful and unlawful employment of unpaid interns, as blogging company Gawker Media is discovering.

Unforwarded Anti-Japanese E-mail at Heart of Tenure Denial
Equal employment opportunity training has a global aspect to it, even in the United States.

Transgender, Gender Identity Rights Extended
Federal contractors have yet another new standard to meet.

Labor Relations
Honesty May Not Be Best Policy in Unionized Setting
Straight talk with employees is severely limited in a union setting, particularly if it crosses the line and can be construed as coercive, a district court decision shows.

Staffing Management
Emerging Trend: FCRA Class Actions Against Employers
Employers have long faced the risk of class-action lawsuits for violating anti-discrimination requirements under the Civil Rights Act. Now, class action suits against employers are rising under a more recent law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


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Workplace Investigations
Michael Johnson, CEO of Clear Law Institute, addresses the question of when to interview the suspect or accused during a workplace investigation.

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