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Colo.: State Unemployment Rate Improves

By SHRM Online staff  8/12/2013
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The unemployment rate in Colorado improved from May to June, according to Department of Labor and Employment figures released in mid-July.

Unemployment in the state stood at 7 percent, compared to a nationwide average of 7.6 percent. The number of jobs across Colorado grew by 11,000, for a total of 2,368,300, the department’s report showed. The data was not adjusted for seasonal changes, such as students working summer jobs.

Average salaries also rose by 90 cents from an average of $24.50 to $25.40 for private, non-farm workers. The sectors with the greatest increase in jobs were business/professional services and leisure/hospitality. Construction showed some growth as well, the department reported.

While month-to-month growth is highly volatile, Colorado has shown one of the fastest rates of job growth for a while and this latest data reflected the state’s comparatively robust recovery from the recession, a department spokesperson said.

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