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Hands-Free HR: HR Self Service for the Next Generation
Feb. 10, 12 noon. ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by PeopleDoc
Hands-Free HR puts the knowledge and the skill in the hands of the employees, and allows HR to focus on strategies that make your business successful. HR guru Tim Sackett (The Tim Sackett Project) and Marjorie Borsiquot (assistant vice president of business process integration for Georgetown University) look at how the best organizations today are delivering a hands-free HR experience to their employees. The tools and processes they use to make this successful, and feedback from those on the front line making it work today.
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The NLR What? The ABC’s of the NLRA and the NLRB for Employers
Feb. 8, 3 p.m. ET / 12 noon PT
Even employers that don't have an organized workforce must keep track of what the National Labor Relations Board is up to. Patty Wise and Michael VanDervort of SHRM's Special Expertise Panel on Labor Relations will explain what employer policies and procedures are subject to scrutiny by the Board, and how to avoid potential liability.
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8 Tips for Awesome Onboarding: How to Create Employee Engagement That Lasts
Feb. 16, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
Employee engagement expert Kevin Sheridan will show you how to transform your organization’s onboarding program into a key driver of employee engagement and retention. Not only will you get a complete framework for improving your existing onboarding program or setting up a new one, you’ll discover best practices for recruiting, building excitement for day one and planning the employee's first day, first week and beyond.
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The Changing Workforce and You
Feb. 24, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Sage
Today's workforce is dispersed, tech savvy, multicultural, multigenerational, and ever changing. Can you handle it? Mark Butje from sage discusses how you can prepare your organization and your leadership to adapt to the new reality
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Unless otherwise noted, SHRM Webcasts are approved to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credentials.


SHRM Webcasts are approved by the HR Certification Institute for general recertification credit hours towards PHR, SPHR, GPHR and PHR-CA/SPHR-CA certifications.

Recent Webcasts Now Available

All programs are free unless otherwise indicated.

Expert Guidance on Preparing for the SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Exam
Learn how you can prepare for the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP exam. In this program, you'll hear more about the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK) and how to prepare for the exam in both online and traditional classroom settings. Note: This program does not qualify for recertification credit.
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The New Face of HR: Are You Ready for Employee Advocacy?
Sponsored by MOO
Marketing plays an increasingly important role in how HR presents and conducts itself in key functions such as recruiting. In this program, consultant and author JoAnn Corley introduces HR professionals to a unique component of the new face of HR -- employee advocacy. You'll learn about what it is, how to get started and the keys to its success.
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ACA Reporting: 1095-C Code Complexity and the Impact of the IRS Reporting Delay
Sponsored by ACA Reporting Service
Despite a delay by the IRS, large employers subject to the Affordable Care Act will need to file 1095-Cs in 2016. In this program, Mark Combs of ACA Reporting Service addresses common questions employers have about the IRS's reporting requirements, how to process complex IRS forms and what to expect when employees receive their 1095-Cs.
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AStress: The Hidden Threat in Every Workplace
Sponsored by GCC
Stress is one of the most misunderstood issues facing organizations today. S In this program, Michael Soule, senior vice president at GCC, will discuss trends and correlations that can make stress more visible in your workplace. He will suggest how, as an employer, you can increase resilience across your entire workforce. Note: The on-demand version of this program qualifies for SHRM Certification recert credit only.
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Employment Background Checks: Are There Pros to Screening-Out Cons?
Michael Aamodt, Ph.D., will discuss why employers conduct background checks and review of the relevant case law pertaining to the use of applicants’ criminal and credit history. He will also discuss methods for validating your use of background checks. This program is presented jointly by SHRM and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).
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Top 5 Soft Skills: What Every Employee Needs to Know
Sponsored by BizLibrary
Chris Osborn of BizLibrary discusses the Top 5 soft skills that are most predictive of employee, leadership and organizational success in today’s highly complex and rapidly changing environment. You’ll also gain quick tips to help jump-start you development efforts for each soft skill.
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Complying with the EEOC’s Proposed Wellness Regulations
Tabatha George of the law firm Fisher & Phillips reviews of existing regulations for wellness programs, and discusses proposed EEOC regulations and the impact they will have on plan design. In addition, you will hear best practices for running a compliant wellness program.
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People Metrics in 2016: Using Assessment Results to Drive Talent Strategy
Sponsored by PAN - Performance Assessment Network
Best-in-class organizations increasingly use predictive assessments to guide pre-hire, on-boarding, development, high potential, and succession planning decisions. But are they leveraging assessment data to become smarter organizations, or just better at hiring? Dr. Lilly Lin, Director of Talent Measurement Consulting at PAN, will discuss how a combination of analytics and assessments can create an ongoing feedback loop that informs an organization’s talent strategy and charts a path to high performance.
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Are You in Compliance? Managing Employment Law Changes and Posters for 2016
Sponsored by JJ Keller
Over the past two years there have been more than 100 employment law poster changes, and more are on the way. With so many updates, how do you know if your posters are in compliance with state and federal requirements? In this webcast, Terri L. Dougherty of JJ Keller & Associates reviews federal and state posting laws, and what can happen if your posters are not-up-to-date. She’ll also go over recent changes, additional changes for 2016, and how to stay on top of mandatory poster updates.
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12 Benefits Communication Hacks to Help Your Employees Understand Their HDHP
Sponsored by ALEX by Jellyvision
Once your employees with HDHPs start trying to actually use their health care in 2016, they’re going to have a ton of very specific questions and concerns. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do proactively to help your employees get the hang of their HDHP, and the secret is great communication. Join David Daskal, benefits communication expert for ALEX, as he shares a complete communication framework and 12 simple tactics you can use today to start helping your employees become smarter health care consumers.
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Background Checks: Effective Strategies that Address New Legal Challenges
Sponsored by HireRight
A number of federal and state actions have the effect of restricting employer background checks. You need to keep these in mind as you implement criminal background check procedures that can successfully respond to legal challenges. In this program, Kathleen K. Lundquist, Ph.D. from APTMetrics, Inc. and David S. Fortney, Esq. and Leslie E. Silverman, Esq. (former EEOC Vice Chair) from Fortney & Scott, LLC will discuss effective and pro-active approaches your organization can take to design a job-related criminal background check process and defend against challenges from the EEOC and private attorneys.
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Codes of Business and Ethical Conduct
Sponsored by GuideSpark
Creating a code of conduct that is more than helping to ensure legal compliance; it plays a critical role in establishing workplace culture. In this program, HR Magazine contributor Jonathan Segal, a partner at Duane Morris LLC and managing principal of the Duane Morris Institute, will outline important factors you should take into account when crafting a code of conduct. He also will review areas outside of HR that an HR professional needs to consider when drafting a code.
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How to Measure and Improve Quality of Hire
Sponsored by LinkedIn
By measuring and implementing effective strategies that improve quality of hire, you can find quality candidates, increase productivity, and prevent turnover, which can cost up to 150 percent of an employee’s salary. In this program, best-selling author Lou Adler, CEO of The Adler Group, will discuss how to build a hiring strategy that will raise the quality of your team and measure the quality of your hires. You'll also learn how to reliably measure your quality of hire.
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HR's Role in Employee Performance
Sponsored by BambooHR
Effective performance management can increase employee engagement. It also requires organizations to invest time, which few companies adequately do. In this program, Rusty Lindquist from BambooHR and Mykkah Herner from PayScale look at the impact of performance and performance management initiatives on organizations and the important leadership role HR must play.
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Driving Employee Engagement in the New World of Work
Sponsored by Ceridian
In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, founder and principal at Bersin by Deloitte, and Lisa Sterling, Vice President of Dayforce Talent Management for Ceridian, will discuss trends and research on the new world of work, and how organizations must rethink their workplace and HR strategies to empower, engage, and enrich employees in the 21st century workforce. They will outline strategies that business and HR leaders can use to drive employee engagement in today's highly dynamic and technology-driven workplace.
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Helping Military Members Transition to the Civilian Workplace
Sponsored by PeopleFluent
Over 180,000 service men and women transition annually from military jobs to civilian life. With this influx of veteran talent, it is critical that supervisors are prepared for their role in helping those military members make a good assimilation into this new culture. In this program, Lisa Rosser of The Value of a Veteran reviews strategies for getting the most from these valued workers and ensuring your hiring and promotion complies with federal laws.
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What Drives Employee Retirement Decisions?
Sponsored by Fidelity Investments
In this program, Jeanne Thompson, vice president of thought leadership for Fidelity Investments, leads a panel examining recent research that provides insight into employees' retirement decisions, how you can help employees in this journey and how Baby Boomers' expectations for retirement can guide your workforce strategy.
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How to Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Emerging Leaders
Sponsored by BizLibrary
Your most talented employees are hungry for development and opportunities to advance their careers. If you can’t provide both of these things to them, you risk losing your most coveted employees. In this program, Chris Osborn of BizLibrary will discuss the most effective ways to give your most promising workers the tools and skills they need to become the kind of leaders others will be excited to follow. You’ll learn how to approach leadership with an intelligent, forward-thinking outlook that will return excellent results and inspire others.
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The Analytics Behind Employee Surveys
Sponsored by PeopleFluent Employee surveys need to produce more than just reports -- they need to produce business results. Since engagement is not a business outcome, simply measuring engagement alone won't convince skeptical leaders that employee attitudes are important to business performance. In this program, Scott Mondore of SMD Consulting will discuss how to link employee attitudes directly to business outcomes and how to focus front-line managers on the areas that will improve performance and develop talent. 

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How Compensation Discussions Can Make or Break Your Culture
Sponsored by BambooHR
Despite payroll representing one of employers' biggest expenses, communication about compensation is often subpar. In this program, Mykkah Herner of PayScale and Rusty Lindquist of BambooHR look at how communicating about compensation affects your culture, the common approaches employers take in compensation discussions, and a better way of handling your compensation communication so it boosts productivity and serves as a recruiting and retention tool.
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Improving Engagement of Hourly and Part-Time Employees
Sponsored by Celayix
As the economy improves, it will become even harder to attract and retain quality talent. In this program, Richard Metcalf, vice president at Celayix Software, discusses one often overlooked tool that should be a part of your hourly employee engagement strategy -- workforce scheduling practices. You'll learn about common scheduling practice pitfalls and how to empower employees and improve engagement through scheduling.
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Solving the Retirement Crisis
Sponsored by Morningstar Associates
The looming retirement crisis in the United States creates an opportunity for employers to improve the lives of their workers and even the direction of the country. In this program, Jim Smith, vice president of client solutions at Morningstar Associates and the head of the firm's retirement strategy for North America, will describe five actions you can take to help your workers plan for their retirement.
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Open Enrollment Season: Getting HR's House in Order
Sponsored by HUB International
Are your enrollment season practices safe and legal? Can you defend them in the case of an IRS or Department of Labor audit? In this program, HUB International's chief compliance officer Sibyl Bogardus and communication and design principal Stacy Kuehler will discuss how to effectively communicate your benefits program to ensure defensible compliance by documenting key steps, processes and procedures during open enrollment; creating effective communication messages; and establishing multiple communication channels. You'll also hear how to measure the results of your communications plan to shape future communications.
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Stay Interviews: Keys to Solving HR’s Greatest Challenge
Stay interviews can help managers build trust and improve engagement and retention. HR has a critical role in ensuring that stay interviews work, and to sustain these efforts over time to consistently improve key HR metrics. In this program, best-selling author Richard Finnegan -- who wrote the new SHRM book, HR’s Greatest Challenge, Driving the C-Suite to Improve Employee Engagement and Retention -- provides a business-driven model that pulls your executives into the solution. You'll learn the can’t-miss process for getting your top team onboard to drive engagement and retention through your managers rather than around them.
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7 Ways to Build a Brand That Attracts Top Talent
Sponsored by BambooHR
Job seekers spend less than 50 seconds deciding if an opening is right for them. In that flicker of time, your employer brand and reputation need to make a serious impact. In this program, Rusty Lindquist of BambooHR and Kira Federer of Glassdoor will discuss how -- with a little time, effort and C-level buy-in -- you can turn employees into brand ambassadors and think of job candidates more like valued customers rather than potential hires.
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Becoming a Talent Magnet Through HR Technology Innovation
Sponsored by Oracle HCM
Through innovations and HCM technology you can become a talent magnet. Having a complete, end-to-end integrated solution not only drives great revenue, but also creates a better employee experience. In this program, Pamela Stroko, vice president of HCM transformation and thought leadership, mid-market, at Oracle, looks at HR technology innovation that is creating a great employee experience and driving business performance. She'll review best practices in performance and how they help you create a more engaged workforce with the intent to stay.
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