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 SHRM Certification Update
Sept. 9, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Learn about new certification options for the HR profession available from SHRM. This webcast will provide an overview of the new SHRM certifications. You'll hear about eligibility requirements, the pathway to SHRM Certification and the recertification process. There will also be a Q&A to address your questions about SHRM Certification. Note: This program does not qualify for recertification credit.    
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Generation Z: The Next Generation of Worker
Sept. 9, 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. ET
Gen Z is an emerging group that your entire company needs to understand, from HR to marketing. In the coming years, these new workers will start to seize entry-level positions at companies worldwide, and managers will need to get used to different behaviors, needs and work styles. In this webcast, Dan Schawbel will look at the results of his unique global research study on the implications of this generation from both a workplace and consumer perspective. He'll be joined by Jim Link, the chief human resources officer at Randstad North America, who will discuss effective ways of engaging Gen Z employees.
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Building L&D Programs That Maximize Employee Potential
Sept. 17, noon ET / 9 a.m. PT
Sponsored by
Successful organizations benefit from blended learning. More than just elearning, blended learning combines a wide range of approaches and opportunities to maximize employee development. In this webcast, Dr. Britt Andreatta, director of learning and development at, discusses how to build or revise employee training based on best practices in learning design and delivery.
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Why Human Capital Matters to Custom Target-Date Solution Design
Sept. 17, 2 p.m. PT / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Morningstar
Financial assets make up one component of retirement planning. But an employer's industry matters too, whether their participants are web developers, real estate agents or cattle ranchers. In this presentation, David Blanchett, Jeremy Stempien and Nathan Voris will look at the findings of new research from Morningstar Investment Management when it comes to designing custom target-date solutions for workers of all ages.
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Your I-9 Checkup
Sept. 23, 2 p.m. PT / 11 a.m. PT
It's been over a year since the new I-9 form was unleashed, yet many employers and HR professionals remain confused about procedures. This program will allow you to give your employee eligibility practices the once-over. We'll review what forms you should be using, the type of documentation you should be requesting and record retention practices. You'll get tips on how to determine whether your current documentation can withstand government scrutiny and how to prepare for a federal I-9 audit. The program will provide an update of the government's E-Verify initiative.
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Targeted Wellness: Understanding the Numbers
Sept. 30, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Sponsored by Healthentic
As the nature of health care and wellness benefits evolves, employers have more access to claims data. This provides an opportunity to see what kinds of claims employees are filing and tailor the organization's health/prescription drug plan design and wellness design to both increase participation and lower costs. This program will provide an overview of this targeted wellness approach, and how to use these numbers for benefits planning.
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What Softworks Customers Love Most About Their Time & Attendance Solution
Now available
Join Andrew Ferguson, Softworks CEO and Dave Schulz, National Account Manager for a live overview of Softworks most loved features, as voted by customers. In this session, you will get a behind the scenes glimpse of the coolest features and functions of Softworks leading Time & Attendance solution. The speakers will lift the hood on the product and share with you the key features and functions that customers say they just "can’t live without"!

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Great Expectations, Limited Resources: Benefit Trends for 2015
August 2014
With the ACA's employer mandates beginning to kick in for 2015, next year is shaping up to be a critical one for employee benefit plans. Budgets remain tight, and employers are fighting to keep costs under control while offering benefits that will attract and retain the best workers. In this program, HR strategist and benefits guru Gary Kushner of Kushner & Company takes a look at what you can expect in 2015 and beyond -- trends in health care, wellness, retirement and other benefits; strategies for complying with ACA mandates; and how to plan for changes in the marketplace in the coming years.
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From Diversity 1.0 to 4.0: Driving Sustainable Change
August 2014
Sponsored by Glassdoor
As the business demands for more diverse workplaces increase, the role of those charged with overseeing an organization's diversity efforts has evolved. Simply put, it's no longer enough to "recruit more diverse talent" and stave off discrimination lawsuits. In this program, global workforce expert, author and consultant Dr. Shirley Davis outlines the steps to move your organization to a more advanced approach to diversity. You'll also hear strategies for how to move your organization's culture to a more inclusive, high-performing work environment and how to assess and measure the impact of your diversity efforts.
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Frozen Out of Great Talent? Let It Go!
August 2014
Sponsored by Oracle
It's time to take a look at your recruiting process. The tried and true methods you've relied on in the past won't work in today's business environment. In this webcast, recruiting expert and consultant Doug Douglas provides you with the mindset to take a holistic look at your recruiting strategy. You'll get an environmental scan of the recruiting market; insight into the kind of metrics you should be gathering and analyzing to assess your own recruiting strategy; and tips on how employment branding, social media and other tools can supercharge your recruiting efforts.
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Hidden Absence Costs Add Up: And How You Can Keep Them from Weighing You Down
August 2014
Sponsored by Kronos
The cost of absence adds up fast. It's not only vacation and sick time you pay for. There's lost productivity, expensive overtime hours and costly compliance errors. Outdated manual tracking only compounds the problem. In this program, Evren Esen, SHRM's Director of Survey Programs, and Kronos Incorporated Solution Consultants Toni Kellam and Jim Manfield will review the findings of SHRM's new absence study. You'll also hear how automated workforce management solutions can keep hidden costs from creeping up.
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Datafication of HR
July 2014
Sponsored by Visier
The demands placed on HR are changing. In the era of data, you are increasingly asked for information your HRMS does not provide. As organizations increasingly adopt a strategic business partner approach to HR, there is a growing demand for HR to move from intuition- to data-driven decision making about the workforce. Leaders need HR to provide in depth workforce insights that help achieve corporate business objectives. In this program, Dave Weisbeck of Visier discusses how HR professionals can graduate from metrics to analytics, ramping up from operational reporting to strategic analytics and planning.
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Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements
July 2014
Sponsored by Convey Compliance
The Affordable Care Act has introduced a sweeping set of new regulations and reporting requirements, affecting everyone from health insurance providers and employers to companies that self-insure. It's time to prepare your plan for meeting these new reporting requirements. In this webcast, Raymond Grove of Convey Compliance will review these new reporting obligations, what they mean for you and how you can prepare for them.
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How Small Businesses Can Win the Recruiting Battle
June 2014
Sponsored by Bamboo HR
With talent shortages, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller companies to attract and hire passionate employees with the right skills and who fit the company's culture. In this program, Ben Peterson, CEO of BambooHR, reveals new research on what attracts passionate candidates while looking at what is most important to new hires. The program will discuss how smaller employers can beat out big businesses when it comes to attracting top talent, describe how to use your culture to encourage greater engagement and commitment and offer tips on how to recruit and retain the best workers.
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Metrics That Matter
June 2014
Sponsored by GC Incentives
Your HR systems generate a vast amount of data on employees, their benefits, their performance and other aspects of their professional lives. What numbers matter to HR? What needs to be communicated up to the top levels of the organization? And what data should be taken into account when examining the effectiveness of your employee rewards and considering new incentives? In this program, consultant Rob Eidson, Principal at Daylight Human Capital Solutions, looks at the type of data being captured by HR systems and how to interpret that data to create meaningful analysis of employee engagement.
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Optimizing Organization Design
June 2014
Optimizing organization design is one of the most powerful and yet one of the most underutilized approaches available to HR professionals and executives. In this program, Ronald Capelle, Ph.D., author of the book Optimizing Organization Design, describes a proven approach to successful organization design assessment and implementation. The program will focus on how organization design initiatives can provide a foundation for HR practices and lead to better talent acquisition, management and retention.
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Turning Workforce Planning into a Business Driver
May 2014
Sponsored by Peoplefluent
While organizations have evolved substantially in how they develop a strong pipeline of leadership and plan their talent, some significant gaps still exist. In this webcast, author and consultant Scott Mondore will provide you with a guidelines for creating a workforce planning process. You'll learn how to assess your talent based on the competencies, skills, experiences and other elements that drive business outcomes. You'll also hear strategies for quantifying the quality of your talent pool and measuring the impact of your talent initiatives.
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Turning California Employment Law: Change Is the Only Constant
May 2014
Every year, new court cases, state legislation and local ordinances affect companies either based in or doing business in California. In this webcast, Roberta Hayashi, partner in the San Jose offices of the law firm Berliner Cohen, will provide an update of recent developments affecting California employers, including the state's anti-stalking law, which carries significant obligations for employers; new rules on work-sharing; and anti-retaliation safeguards, which can unexpectedly intersect with immigration and anti-discrimination laws. This program qualifies for California recertification credit.
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The Secret Wellness Motivator
May 2014
Sponsored by hubbubhealth
Most traditional wellness programs dangle carrots, but can't really move the dial when it comes to lasting employee engagement. In this program, Brian Berchtold of hubbub health discusses the secret motivator that leads to sustained healthy behavior changes. Implement this strategy and not only will your employees thank you, their friends and families will too.
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Earning and Keeping a Seat at the Table
May 2014
The demand for the role of HR to shift from being transactional to becoming much more transformational grows with the changing global workforce and increased competition in the marketplace. In this presentation, Dr. Shirley Davis will identify the key skills and techniques that can enable HR and diversity & inclusion professionals not just to "get a seat" but to "earn a seat" at the C-suite table. They will also learn strategies and practices for how to sustain their level of influence and impact in their organizations.
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